Love Was In the Air at Pop-Punkers Thick’s Show

Thick shows never lack in positive vibes, sweat and empowering mosh pits. But love was the real all-star of the show this past Monday night.

The love was first palpable when the four-band bill moved the show to Brooklyn Bazaar.

Groupie, Pom Pom Squad, Miss June and Thick originally planned to play at Bushwick’s Elsewhere but moved the show last week when allegations of sexual assault against an Elsewhere investor resurfaced. The next day, Elsewhere posted a statement on Instagram saying they’d barred and cut financial ties with the investor and would apologize directly to victims.

For the feminist rockers, the statement was too little, too late. Thick wasn’t about to tear through songs like “Mansplain” or “So Sick” on their stage. These are bands who sing about smashing the patriarchy, fighting inequality and surviving sexual assault. Moving the show was a no-brainer.

The venue change started the night on a righteous note and positive vibes carried throughout the night. Everyone felt the love the second they walked into the venue. The bands giving it their all on stage and making everyone feel appreciated.

Garage rockers Groupie launched the live music with their melodic tunes and grimy vibe. People instantly started swaying and bouncing around. The place was shoulder-to-shoulder with friends—rare sight for a Monday night.

Pom Pom Squad was second, bringing a heavier sound with a more serious vibe. Frontwoman Mia Berrin was dressed as a cheerleader, but she sure wasn’t chanting any cheers. Her songs about depression, heartbreak and assault brought an air of seriousness to the crowd, but nothing that wasn’t relatable.

“This is a song about a time in my life where something happened that I really didn’t think I was ever going to get over,” Berrin told the crowd. “And now I get to sing about it up here with people I love, and I love you guys and all the bands on this bill, so this is truly great.” She ended with “Heavy Heavy,” a song about depression, but also the most satisfying to sing along to because it ends with guttural, yet cathartic screaming.

Then punk rockers Miss June took the stage. Several friends told me this was the first they ever heard of this New Zealand-based band. Frontwoman Annabel Liddel leaped around the stage and climbed the bass drum shirtless while howling into the mic. One fan experiencing Miss June for the first time turned to me with wide eyes after their set and simply said, “holy shit.”

Once Thick started playing, all the New Yorkers in the crowd burst with love and excitement to see their beloved pop-punk trio. This badass band is a favorite in the Brooklyn music scene and it’s no surprise to see the front row filled with friends singing along to every lyric and whipping their hair back and forth like whips.

Thick thrashed out the hits like “Wasting My Time,” “Your Mom” and “Green Eyes” and new songs they haven’t been recorded yet. Even with songs that no one knew the words to, everyone clapped along and moshed their hearts out.

After Thick’s set, a fan in the audience got down on one knee and proposed to his girlfriend and she said yes. (Congrats to BTRtoday photographer Devon Bristol-Shaw on the engagement!)

When everything finally ended, the place emptied out pretty quickly. With all the love from the bands and the romance from the proposal, I guess everyone wanted to rush home to hug their loved ones.