Las Rosas Drenched Brooklyn in Disco Lights And Glitter

New York has missed Las Rosas since they left for tour in early May. And as we longed for them, they made matters worse by snatching Champagne Superchillin’ from us to join them on the last leg of their tour.

But this weekend, all was forgiven. Brooklyn’s music rats gleefully reunited with Las Rosas and Champagne Superchillin’ at Alphaville for an epic end of tour/official LP release show featuring a special duet performance by Tall Juan and Breanna Barbara.

Every one of these musicians filled the stage with an air of uniqueness and confidence—all rock ‘n’ roll at heart, but each adding their own bold individualities into their sound with inspirations from all genres and cultures.

The show was supposed to start at 8 p.m. However, it was clearly too early on a Saturday night for most New Yorkers—I wasn’t the only one rolling in an hour late. Luckily, the show was pushed back to a more reasonable start time of a soft 9:30/10 p.m. The night quickly turned into one of those summer nights. You know—the kind of night where mischief is in the air.

Tall Juan and Breanna Barbara kicked off the show with an intimate set that started on top of the stage in the spotlights, but ended down on the floor in the heart of the audience. It was the first time the pair had played together. Tall Juan’s Cumbia-inspired punk tunes cut fast and build in intensity. While Breanna Barbara’s sultry fallen angel voice and slower songs inspired by ‘60s pop, blues rock and old school country have a far different feel. Playing each other’s songs together they became an ultimate force, mesmerizing the entire room. Juan kept things punk rock, while Breanna brought out everyone’s sensitive side.

Juan and Breanna passed the torch right to the ‘60s French-pop inspired band Champagne Superchillin’. They play tunes with unexpected breaks and ear-worm melodies. They’re so utterly fun, hard-hitting and dominating you can’t help but dance and try to sing along to the all-French lyrics.

Las Rosas closed out the night drenched in disco lights and glitter. Though excited to hear their newest material from Shadow By Your Side (released 5/11 via Greenway), it was also refreshing to hear them play their oldies-but-goodies. Surfy but still edgy garage, Las Rosas (#1 on BTRtoday’s Weekly Top 30 Artists) brought down the house.

The gritty cement room gave off a new dazzling sight that wasn’t there earlier. The energy of the room spilled into the bar area and out of the venue. Even as the band ended, everyone silently agreed the night wasn’t over.

After Las Rosas’ encore, the crowd stuck around—this was a reunion after all. The bands took shots with friends they hadn’t seen in weeks and everyone was ready to keep this party rolling. Bar-hopping ensued and the celebrations didn’t end until the wee hours of the morning.