It’s Still Sex, Drugs And Rock ‘n’ Roll At Fat White Family Zine Release Show

Take a peek into the Pandora’s box of rock ‘n’ roll.

Fat White Family has been called one of the most unpredictable groups in the world. Known for their blasé attitude, public display of nudity and the general chaos that follows them, these guys are true rock stars.

Two brave photographers Alec Castillo (The Nude Party) and Sacha Lecca (Rolling Stone) have captured this chaotic essence in a minimalistic zine entitled FWF Zine. The release show will be at IDIO Gallery in Brooklyn, NY on Sept. 7.

The zine is packed with black and white photographs of Fat White Family’s live performances and backstage escapades from 2014 – 2016. Highlights include portraits of a naked Lias Saoudi (frontman) staring into the camera, snapshots of hazy drug-induced scenes backstage and sweaty crowds grabbing for body parts.

There are no comments, description or explanations. There’s no need. The music plays in the back of your mind while you stare into the abyss of these photos.

The release show will include drinks and music, along with prints and zines for sale. RSVP here to open your eyes to a whole new world that’s terrifying yet exhilarating. Check out some of the photographs from the zine below.

Come on, touch the leather.

All photos by Alec Castillo & Sacha Lecca