Insecure Men Unfroze Brooklyn With Music & Red Wine

You only need two things to survive below freezing weather: live music and wine.

This past Friday, Saul Adamczewski (of Fat White Family) stepped onstage of Brooklyn’s Bizarre bar with a glass of wine in hand and his solo project Insecure Men backed by an all-star band. Adamczewski cut the show short but it was still a night worth coming out for.


Jeffrey Lewis Band

The star-studded cast of musicians backing Insecure Men was comprised of Oakley Munson of The Black Lips on drums, on steel pedal guitar was Jon Catfish of Zzzsleepwalk and Psychic Ills and on keys was Bailey Blu of Animal Show.

NYC-native bands Jeffrey Lewis Band and Zzzsleepwalk opened. Despite the night’s frigid temperature, the crowd was thoroughly warmed up with an extra dose of Catfish’s flawless steel pedal guitar playing in Zzzsleepwalk and the educational history lessons Jeffrey Lewis Band’s songs provided.

After the openers, the crowd was revved up to hear Insecure Men—however, the brevity of the act may have disappointed some.

Around three-fourths into Insecure Men’s set, where there was probably about two or three more songs left, Adamczewski decided he wasn’t feeling it anymore and left the stage. The band stayed up there for a few minutes ready to play more songs, but that was that. Everyone, the band and audience, was left wanting more.

Insecure Men

While temperatures threatened to reach below zero, and oceans and great waterfalls were turning to ice, New Yorkers from every Borough still made their way out. The small bar known for their burlesque shows and edgy performance artists was packed and a perfect steamy haven from the cold.

The audience wore their heaviest coats and multiple layers of clothing. The effort put into coming out was evident.

So, yes, it was upsetting when Adamczewski decided to end the show early. And yes, it seemed that he probably had more wine than the rest of us. However, even with all that being said, these musicians are extremely talented and what we got was still satisfying.

“Whitney Houston & I” was such a hit with the crowd that even though it’s a grim subject, people were still able to twirl around and tap their feet along. And in “Subaru Nights” the anti-capitalistic lyrics were harshly evident even through the heavy accident and somewhat slurred vocals, but the soothing melodies and hazy strums of the steel pedal guitar still warmed everyone’s hearts.

Insecure Men has a unique catchy pop sound that is introspective and romantic all in one. Inspirations are pulled from all over, like retro video games, politics and personal struggles. This is one project that everyone definitely needs to keep tabs on. In fact, you can catch them and Zzzsleepwalk again this Thursday at Mercury Lounge with The Nude Party.

In the meantime, chug some wine and listen to the two songs Insecure Men has on Spotify to stay warm.