Halloweeeee! Kicked Off the NYC Halloween Shenanigans

NYC knows how to party and Halloween is when the freaks and full moon junkies come out to play.

New Yorkers start celebrating Halloween Oct. 1, so it’s fine to party in full costume anywhere all month long. The chaos just gets more intense the closer we get to actual Halloween day.

This weekend, Siren Sounds raised the Halloween party standards with their event Halloweeeee! at The Sultan Room in Bushwick. Some of Brooklyn’s most beloved rockers were on the bill covering their favorite bands. We had Priestess as Black Sabbath, Dropper as MC5, Yaasss as Los Saicos and Native Sun as The Stooges with Gustaf headlining as themselves.

New Yorkers take costumes seriously so each group came dressed as the band they were playing (with exception to Gustaf who dressed as different versions of the Joker). Plus, the audience was dressed to impress covered in fake blood and sparkles. And the night’s host, self-proclaimed real-life wizard Devin Person, who The New York Times dubbed the “Wizard on the Subway,” was dressed in his customary pointy hat and robe.

Priestess, fronted by the petite and sweet Jackie Green, took the stage first, fully decked out in tassels and fake mustaches like the Prince of Darkness himself. On a typical night, the band gets heads banging with red-hot original metal tunes. So, it was no surprise that they absolutely nailed Sabbath. Green got down to her knees and threw up the devil horns while she whipped her hair around and howled into the mic. The crowd went insane when guitarist Matthew Glover shredded through Sabbath classics like “Children of the Grave” and “Electric Funeral.”

After everybody lived out our metal fantasies, Dropper took the stage dressed in bell-bottoms and western snap shirts to rock out as the ‘70s rock ‘n’ roll hall-of-fame nominees MC5. Hearing frontwoman Andrea Scanniello’s powerful voice belt out “Kick Out The Jams” rattled the skeleton in everyone’s body. In Dropper she usually carries a guitar, with her hands-free, Scaniello got to use the entire stage to dance, thrash and work the crowd.

Next up was the falafel punk rockers Yaasss playing as Peru’s 1960’s pioneering punks Los Saicos. The quartet, however, turned into sextet for this set as they were joined by painter Alberto Pazzi (dressed as the devil) and photographer Luis Lucio (dressed as Jesus) taking the lead vocals. With the devil and Jesus front and center, and Yaasss donning the signature Los Saicos’ look of matching suits raging in the back really got the crowd going wild.

We all sang along till our throats were hoarse to Los Saicos hits like “Ana” and “Demolicion.” While it was meant as a strictly Los Saicos set, Yaasss snuck their original “Banger.” Los Saicos would’ve been more than proud.

Native Sun closed out the cover band portion of the night, and boy did they end it with a bang. Playing as The Stooges, their amps and energy levels were turned up to 11. They played everybody’s favorites “Search & Destroy” and “I Wanna Be Your Dog” but they also hit deep cuts—even going as far as referencing the famous Cincinnati festival from 1970 when Iggy Pop went into the crowd covered with peanut butter. Frontman Danny Gomez, shirtless and wearing lipstick, crowd-surfed as a fan handed him a jar of Jif and he smeared it all over his bare chest.

After everyone lived their dream of seeing bands like Sabbath and The Stooges, Gustaf brought us back to the thriving music scene of the here and now. Dressed as different versions of Batman’s Joker, Gustaf channeled the character’s madness and kept the musical chaos going with their experimental art-rock.

If you haven’t already started your Halloween celebrations, don’t worry, NYC will 100% guaranteed still be getting down this weekend. And everyone who went to Halloweeeee! is warmed up and ready to keep the party going.