Guy Fieri Was One Of Many A-List Celebs Who Attended NYNT’s Haunted Hop

I know the headline implies a single Guy Fieri. But really there were at least six in attendance. They put the flavortown into Halloween.

Jonathan Toubin’s New York Night Train threw the biggest Halloween bash of the year, the Haunted Hop. It included two stages, ten cover bands, six original bands, one surprise guest, several DJs spinning between sets and all night, a costume contest, art installations, scary movies, a spooky dinner menu and, of course, all night dancing. It was at The Knockdown Center, which means it was the most festive Halloween shindig you’ll ever see.

Yours truly DJ’ed between the cover bands dressed as Tank Girl and got to experience the Haunted Hop in all its gory glory.

Everyone’s costumes were on point; no expenses were spared. You would’ve been tortured with dirty looks all night if you didn’t come in costume. There were intricate handmade getups, unique envy-inducing costumes and just all around hilarious characters that immediately put a smile on your face.

The Nude Party was the first act of the night and also later in the night played a cover set of The Seeds. There are six members in this band, and each one was dressed like Guy Fieri, no detail missed. They weren’t the only Fieris of the night and you couldn’t walk through a crowd without spotting at least one button-up flame shirt and tiny blond curls.

The Nude Party

The surprise guest was The Mystery Lights, a band spearheading the current Brooklyn underground music scene. They helped put the cherry on top of our spooky Tuesday evening around 1:30 a.m. Decked out in matching jump suits and painted in glimmering silver, these guys really put the dread in shred.

The Mystery Lights

But before the end of the night of this Halloween extravaganza there were amazing acts that possessed the stage, like Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds, Ian Svenonius’ Escape-ism and Shannon & The Clams. Pure rock ‘n’ roll flowed through everyone no matter how thick the paper maché mask was.

Shannon and The Clams

I missed the costume contest. I heard a homemade costume of some alien holding up a baby won and that sounds bad ass. However, I did get to catch some of my favorite late bands like The New York Dolls, “Bloody” Holly and The Dead Boys.

Ian Scenonius’ Escape-ism

This is one of the reasons why I love Halloween so much, especially in NYC. I would never have been able to see the bands that helped me get through my angst-driven teen years like, The B-52s (played by Saylavees) or The Gun Club (played by Roya). NYC gets 110 percent into it, dressing and performing exactly like the bands and only New York would pick to cover old punk bands.

The Othermen

The night ended with DJs still spinning the Halloween grooves with creepy crawlers and Guy Fieris trickling in and out of the graveyard (outside) and the all night horror dance party.

Bloody Holly

It was like something from a nightmare or an episode of Diners, Drive-Ins And Dives that I never want to forget.