Giggly Boys, Consumables and Bees, Oh My!

On Monday night, punk rock show rats followed Manhattan’s yellow brick road (aka the M train) to Mercury Lounge searching for the wizardry of rowdy music.

On my way to the venue, I wondered how crazy could a band named Giggly Boys be. The name doesn’t scream “punk as fuck, drunk as shit, mad as hell” at all, but that’s the first message you see on the band’s Facebook page. It’s also the first thing you think when you see them shredding on stage.

The lineup of local acts kicked off with Bees. The trio is heavy with distortion, intricate bass lines and epic guitar solos. Their deep spoken vocals give their music a dark, post-punk vibe. Seeing the last two songs of their set made any thoughts that the night would be giggly and innocent go right out the window.

This was not the kind of show where pretentious music nerds stuck to their exclusive group of friends to sneer about the show. The venue was filled with some of the friendliest punkers in NYC’s punk rock scene smiling and making friends.

After Bees was Consumables, a four-piece that plays punk that makes you want to shake your ass. In fact, the frontman Kyle Crew turned around to shake it like Bruce Springsteen singing “Born In The U.S.A.” But this wasn’t the E Street band. These guys may get your hips swinging, but they’re still fast, rough and pissed off.

The Giggly Boys headlined the night. Their name conjures up images of the Lollipop League or a fresh batch of edibles but while there were laughs on stage and sweet feelings in the crowd, these guys came to thrash. The frontman shouted guttural vocals while swinging his bass around like an ax. The drummer banged out thunderous beats while the two guitarists jumped off amps and strummed their guitars so fast their hands were a blur.

After the show, the bands genuinely thanked everyone for coming. I’d say everybody this night found their brain, heart and courage before clicking their heels back home.