Getting Rowdy With Diarrhea Planet And Daddy Issues

What do you get when rowdy musicians from Nashville play a show together? One unforgettable night.

Nashville’s finest, Diarrhea Planet and Daddy Issues, came to Brooklyn last weekend and they gave it their all. They didn’t just play their instruments. They nearly caused a riot.

Local favorites Acid Dad kicked off the show. Their dreamy yet fast beats causes a ruckus from square one. If you haven’t caught these guys yet, you’re sorely missing out.

The previous night, Daddy Issues was out taking tequila shots and eating oysters till 3 a.m., so they were limbered up for a wild night. (I know this because I was there). While they took the stage the crowd started to swell and move, annoying the bouncers.

Daddy Issues’ steady beats, distorted guitar solos and ‘90s-inspired vocals attracted everyone to them like moths to light. The large venue of Brooklyn Bowl seemed empty at the entrance, but when you made your way to the stage area, it was packed tight.

When Diarrhea Planet started playing someone dove from the stage every other note—sometimes two or three bodies were lifted in the air at a time. Bouncers yelled at the disorderly fans moshing and head banging while the rambunctious six-piece ensemble encouraged the rebellious behavior. Having four guitarists, Diarrhea Planet is able to have overlapping solos and choruses that shred so hard it bruises the brain.

The mayhem the music stirred up made mockeries of all authority figures. It was Lord of The Flies with a bunch of 20-somethings.

Don’t let that scare you away from seeing these guys live, though. You may revert to savagery, but at least you’re not stranded on a deserted island.