Getting Down at Otis Mountain Get Down

Everyone instantly became a family.

Otis Mountain Get Down (OMGD) is a music festival that happens every year in September deep in the Adirondack Mountains. It brings festival-goers together by providing the ultimate music discovery experience and memorable mischievous nights.

Photo by Monika Rivard

Unlike corporate sponsored fests like Coachella or Bonnaroo, OMGD is run by a group of close friends who inherited a large plot of land and decided the best thing to do with it was to throw a music festival.

It’s evident that these guys work hard on their lineup and successfully bring all different types of music to the table. Jam bands, electronic, indie, garage, punk, soul, you name it—there’s a genre for everyone. They also bring everyone closer by having local vendors and providing group activities for the entire festival to join in on like morning yoga, hiking and biking.

Le Grotto by Monika Rivard

This year’s lineup included some of BTRtoday’s favorites like Stuyedeyed, The Mystery Lights and Vundabar. However, it was riddled with bands that blew our minds like, Le Grotto, LuxDeluxe, Delicate Steve, Combo Chimbita, and so many more—check out the entire schedule here.

It was extra cold up in the mountains that weekend—however, that didn’t stop anyone from having a wild time.

The Mystery Lights by Monika Rivard

Personally, even though I’m born-and-raised east coast, I don’t deal well with the cold—so I was nervous about this. I wore layers upon layers of leggings, sweatshirts and, of course, my leather jacket. However, after a couple shots of whiskey along with the air filling with wonderful music, it felt like spring all over again.

It was so dark, the only way to get around was to follow the crowd or the music. On day two, Vundabar was listed as “Special Guest” so when they took the stage, the crowd was pleasantly surprised and hordes of people started making their way in the pitch black towards the small stage surrounded by spooky trees. While Vundabar was finishing up, Stuyedeyed was just beginning on another stage across the mountain. The catchy garage rock of Vundarbar, followed by the intense punk rock of Stuyedeyed gave everyone a chance to crowd surf and keep each other warm.

Delicate Steve by Peter Cirilli

Everyone at OMGD immediately becomes your best friend. How can I convey just how amazingly friendly everyone is there? Well, there’s this game all the staffers play that Urban Dictionary calls “The Birdman Game” (you can read the rules on Urban Dictionary). Basically, it’s a game where you try to get people to lay completely flat and face down onto the ground no matter what they’re currently doing.

That’s not a game you play with a stranger or someone you’re feeling uptight or iffy about. And yet, I, a newcomer to OMGD, was immediately included and in the middle of The Mystery Lights’ set, while watching the show in the front of the crowd, had to lay face down on the ground.

Don’t worry; I got my revenge (like my epic drive-by Birdman attack on Pat).

I wasn’t the only one who left OMGD with new friends, a killer new playlist and a crescent-shaped stick-and-poke tattoo. You can’t just leave this music festival without lasting memories.

OMGD staffers Pat Dodge & Casey Joseph playing ‘Birdman’

“Come for the music, stay for everything else.”
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