Get Ready to Swoon for L.A. Salami

Caution: You will fall in love.

Lovesick London-based singer/songwriter L.A. Salami performs with such passion you can’t help but feel all the feels for him.

And, he has that dangerously adorable British accent. You don’t stand a chance.

On Tuesday, July 31, he cast a spell over an intimate crowd at Manhattan’s Rockwood Music Hall. It wasn’t just his sweet side smile and fancy erudition that got New Yorkers moving closer to the edge of the stage—it was his rhythmic brilliance.

Dapper in a striped t-shirt and yellow jacket, he wasn’t afraid to belt out his songs about drunken mishaps and confusing heartbreaks. He started with fast-paced melodies rocked out with a perfectly roughed up Fender Jaguar. Midway through the set, he slowed things down with a solo acoustic performance—revealing his sweet and sensitive side.

You’d think dialing back the tempo would inspire sleep or boredom. Instead, the moment created a strong sense of connection with L.A. Salami. Concertgoers looked upon the suave musician as if they’ve been friends for years.

With that soothing voice over such catchy tunes, who could help it?

Salami’s been compared to Alex Turner, David Bowie and Courtney Barnett. He stays true to the rock ‘n’ roll roots, but his beats take a bubbly turn while his vocals are perfectly manicured. He keeps his talk tongue-in-cheek, like Barnett, with self-deprecating banter between songs. But his Alex Turner-like charm and David Bowie-like cool never stop.

After the show, he sold his own merch and took the time to meet, chat and hug everyone who approached him. Though he’s only visiting NYC, it appeared as if he’d been around these parts for years.

He’ll be taking a few hearts back with him to the U.K., that’s for sure.