Finally, The Nude Party Record Release Show

The Nude Party are today’s party gods of rock ‘n’ roll. (See for yourself with Send It Week or their Tour Kickoff show). Now, they’ve finally given the world their official first full-length album (self-titled via New West).

Rough Trade, the venue hosting The Nude Party’s debut album release show, was bursting with friends and, more surprisingly, relatives. All six band members’ parents were on hand for the mischief in the VIP section. Percussionist Austin Brose’s father wore a hand-painted tie and shook everyone’s hand while sharing the backstory of select pieces from the stage gear. “That’s my old conga he’s using,” he tells me while we’re all backstage drinking tequila.

The line-up featured bands that The Nude Party boys are all friends with—Zzzwalk and The Muckers. These guys know how to handle a god damn instrument.

First up was The Nude Party pedal steel guitar player Jon Catfish’s band Zzzwalk. Heavily influenced by old school country musicians like George Jones, The Carter Family and Hank Williams Sr., Zzzwalk set the mood for a grand ‘ole time with songs about alcohol and heartbreak to an upbeat country tempo. Even people in line for tickets two-stepped while they waited.

Next up was The Muckers, a heavy psych rock ‘n’ roll band fronted by Iranian firecracker Emir Mohseni.

The Muckers’ dense psych rock paired with Zzzwalk’s outlaw country twang was the perfect combination to kick off the night. The Nude Party mixes those two musical worlds for a first of its kind rock ‘n’ roll adventure.

A magician performed tricks between acts and introduced the bands. He wasn’t an impressive magician but his lackluster skills made everyone laugh. Before The Nude Party took the stage he tried to hypnotize the audience. Though everyone played along, it obviously didn’t work, and by the end of the last whirl of the hypno-wheel everyone was shouting for The Nude Party. (Was this the magician’s plan all along?)

From backstage, The Nude Party watched the magic show with glee. “Money well spent,” frontman Patton Magee tells me before he heads to the stage entrance with the rest of the band.

The sold-out crowd roared with excitement when The Nude Party took the stage. They played all their hits like “Chevrolet Man,” “Wild Coyote” and my personal favorite, “Records.” If you made eye contact with these boys while they were playing they’d flash you the biggest and brightest smile, making you feel just as happy to be there as they were.

For their encore, they covered the passionate Velvet Underground song “Oh! Sweet Nuthin’” as the perfect cherry on top to a beautiful, musically enchanting evening.

Showering the crowd in fake roses, everyone thought, “I don’t need your love, baby. I just need the new Nude Party record.”