Faux Ferocious Soothed a Stressed Out Brooklyn

Instead of our usual Xanax, us New Yorkers took a heavy dose of psych rock Tuesday night to ease our fast-paced lifestyles.

Even if you’re just visiting NYC, like Nashville rockers Faux Ferocious passing through on tour, the high-strung way of living is blatantly obvious and celebrated in this city. But that doesn’t mean we don’t need a night to let loose and feel chill.

Thankfully, Siren Sounds set up a show to calm our nerves. Perfect weather on Brooklyn’s Our Wicked Lady’s rooftop with New Yorker newbies (by-way-of-Nashville) People’s Court, local true blue rock ‘n’ rollers Fruit & Flowers and Nashville face melters Faux Ferocious made the night feel like a dream.

The first dose of music therapy came from People’s Court. This twang-inspired indie rock with a hint of wackiness felt like that first sip of beer after a long hard day. Frontwoman Jessica McFarland sang and danced on stage like happiness was shooting out from all her pores. Bandmates and audience members constantly exchanged smiles, adding to the refreshing feel of the entire performance.

Next up came the dark and catchy rockers Fruit & Flowers. Their songs are already well known to the local NYC music scene, but they played a new one (that’ll be debuting on BTRtoday tomorrow) that still got everyone dancing along. The three ladies up front rocked their instruments, showering everyone in guitar, bass, keys and sax. Fruit & Flowers dropped to their knees, banged their heads and thrashed into the crowd, getting everyone feeling loose and good.

And by the time Faux Ferocious took the stage, everyone piled up front ready to sway along.

The four-piece hypnotized everyone with their mind-bending and intricate melodies. Even if you didn’t know the words to chant along, you still felt part of something. By the end of their set it felt like a weight had been lifted from everyone’s shoulders and the night of music cured everyone of their anxieties, if only for those few hours.

All of us New Yorkers are back to our normal frenetic lives now, but we’ll be needing another night of psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll very soon.