Everyone Was VIP at The Brazilian Girls & High Waisted Show

Brazilian Girls and High Waisted know how to make a night burst with happiness, color and chaos. The second the show was announced, I knew it would be one hell of a party.

Both bands ooze sass and power. The night that ensued during and after this show is one that will definitely go down in my book as a monumental NYC night. Seriously, this is the kind of night that you’d see in movies.

Let me try to explain.

I arrived 10 minutes late but there was still a massive line of people waiting to get in. As I approached the box office to retrieve my VIP pass, I heard several other people in front of me also ask for the list. Looks like there was a long list of VIPs for this night. Why? Because NYC bands know how to fucking party and aren’t going to leave any of their friends behind, that’s why.

High Waisted was on stage by the time I made my way to the front. The stage was lined with smiley face balloons and the group rocked colorful outfits that shimmered, glimmered, sparkled and any other word that conveys a light-reflecting material. This wasn’t my first rodeo; I had a container of glitter ready to go in my purse.

Just like the sparkles on everyone’s faces, High Waisted’s surf rock sticks to you for days later. Frontwoman Jessica Louise-Dye announced to the audience, “it’s our bassist’s birthday tonight, so let’s make this one count for her.” Everyone went crazy to their upbeat beachy punk rock—it was a perfect kickoff to a night you knew you were going to be feeling tomorrow.

Brazilian Girls frontwoman Sabina Sciubba took the stage in a dress made of condom wrappers. It was noble and fashionable to promote safe sex in this environment while they sang their hits like, “Pussy.” (Which was one of the last songs they played and everyone sang along to the catchy chorus, “pussy, pussy, pussy, marijuana.”) The crowd was shoulder-to-shoulder at this point. I was able to peek through the door behind the stage when friends joined the group one stage to dance along. The delight was palpable.

High Waisted’s green room was lined with Barbra Streisand wallpaper and everyone inside was bursting with laughter and tequila. People cheered at everybody walking through the door—everyone was a VIP to this lovable crowd. After the show, Dye busted into the green room and announced the fun was moving to a house party, “just tell them you’re a wastoid.”

Almost 20 people squeezed into High Waisted’s van. The party was three different floors of tables filled with booze, a backyard DJ making the masses dance and very interesting conversations were waiting around every corner.

It was the most NY night imaginable. We all felt like very important people.