Daddy Issues & Thick Join Forces

“Margarita is definitely in Gatorade,” Nicole Sisti of Thick joked when I stepped into Alphaville Wednesday night.

It doesn’t technically make any sense, but I knew exactly what she meant. Everyone agreed that the vibe had been somber all week. Thankfully, it didn’t last. A few minutes in and the air shifted and everyone felt it. The crummy week was redeemed by a blissfully magnificent night of rock ‘n’ roll abandon.

The night’s lineup was comprised of Blush (NYC), Thick (NYC) and Daddy Issues (Nashville). All three bands are so appreciative, not only for each other, but everyone around them. The sold out show struck good vibes into the hearts of the musicians. In return, the musicians showered the audience with wreckless love and happiness.

Alphaville is pretty grungy, but I love it. It’s not really a place you want to be shoulder-to-shoulder rubbing up against a dirty concrete wall during a sold out show, but when you are, you’ve never felt cooler. And the food is mysteriously great. I’ve even ordered it to eat at home, sober.

Blush kicked off the night with their sultry power-indie grooves. They played slow and steady, but intense and gritty. The angelic vocals softened up everyone’s hearts without them even realizing it. The ones who noticed the change in their emotions must’ve passed those good feelings along, because while it smelled like mildew, the room felt warm and generous.

Thick provided a much needed slap in the face for a crowd on the verge of getting too lovey dovey. Thick kicked us all between the legs with their fast, fuzzed-out and hard hitting pop-punk. Armored in my chunkiest white-heeled boots, I threw myself into a mosh pit of gals and guys thrashing their hair around and leaping onto one another while Sisti spat beer over us.

We got the love with Blush and the passion with Thick. Next up was the mischief with Daddy Issues.

These girls sing big “fuck yous” to the toxic people in their lives with innocent smiles on their faces that strikes fear into hearts. They sang their poetic classics “In Your Head,” which literally starts off with the lyrics “fuck you forever,” and other hits that drove the crowd wild like “Dog Years” and “Boring Girl.” While the crowd was wailing for more at the end, the trio wasn’t about to be let off the stage that easily. They gave us a one-song encore performance with “Creepy Girl.”

Though all these bands blossomed amongst crowds of mostly friends, their shows are now flooded by new fans and music photographers. That’s how show business is supposed to go down, baby. But that didn’t stop the longtime fans from getting front and center to aggressively bring down the house. Many professional photographers were getting moshed on, but seemed to have accepted it—in fact, they seemed to love it.

We all felt the hard drunk punch of love and rock ‘n’ roll that night thanks to the combined powers of these badass bands.


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