Cowboy Boots, Satanism & Dancing for The Detroit Cobras Show

Some people might say September is too early to get into the spooky Halloween spirit, but NYC’s continuous Soul Clap show and dance party would beg to differ.

This past Saturday, The Detroit Cobras headlined the night with NYC’s very own Miranda & The Beat opening. It was riotous and full of dancing, and Halloween season or not, hell was definitely raised.

Miranda & The Beat took the stage first, and it was no surprise that chaos started instantly. This group of misfits has no regard for the rules. They fling their instruments about, jump off the stage and crowd surf, all while dressed to impress and rocking out some sultry tunes.

The stage was decorated with hellish flames and a banner reading “All Hail The Beat” hanging behind the drummer Kim Sollecito. While they got the crowd cult-like chanting, “all hail the beat,” their songs filled the room with skilled musicianship and melodies only a mad scientist with the voice of an angel could think up. Frontwoman Miranda Zipse belted out her sultry vocals giving everyone goosebumps while the band thrashed on flawlessly.

After Miranda & The Beat released everyone from their spell, The Detroit Cobras took the stage.

These rockers have been playing their set of rare 1960s soul covers since the mid-90s. They’re not your typical cover songs, however. The Detroit Cobras give each song its very own bluesy/ rockabilly twist making the music feel like a brand new experience with each listen.

Donning cowboy boots and a no-fucks attitude, The Detroit Cobras frontwoman Rachel Nagy said, “I roast chicken. I take care of the dog. I suck your dick. What more do you want?” getting the crowd into a frenzy before diving into their rendition of “What More.” Every audience member swung along whether they had a partner or not.

The wild times had no intention of slowing down after The Detroit Cobras. Jonathan Toubin took the stage and kicked off the dance competition, spinning his collection of soul, doo-wop and Motown vinyl for people to dance to ‘till they die.

I want to say that we raised hell, but those fiery pits ain’t got nothing on this crazy night.