Champagne Superchillin Met Their Destiny Last Night At ‘Destino’ Release Show

You didn’t need to be French to feel the amour.

Champagne Superchillin shared their debut album Destino via Soft Junk on Monday night at Baby’s All Right. (Spinning on The Music Meetup.) Their enticing sound and entrancing beats fill you up with bubbles and float you away.

Lead singer Juliette Buchs described Champagne Superchillin’s early days as a “wine band”—they even made their own wine. However, their destiny didn’t lie in the vines. They were meant to deliver sweet French words and melodies into champagne-warmed hearts.

The show included sultry NYC-based band Roya and punk rockers Reanimadores from Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, due to the Hurricane Maria, Reanimadores were unable to make it. Part of the proceeds from the night went to aid Puerto Rico. Check out this PDF the Puerto Rico Federal Affairs Administration put together for you to figure out how to help.

As a last minute replacement Bosco Delrey put on his one-man show of experimental power pop/rock ‘n’ roll.

Typical for a Monday night, the room wasn’t full. But the intimacy was more than welcome. Everyone was able to make eye contact with each other, make new friends and open their minds to new music. When Champagne Superchillin was playing everyone was able to enter their own headspace and fully immerse themselves into the music. People didn’t leave just satisfied; people left with their destinies in hand.

Champagne Superchillin has been playing tunes off of Destino since they moved to NYC from Nashville earlier this summer. BTRtoday first caught them at this year’s Beach Jam—and though they played great there, it was nothing like this Monday night performance.

Every guitar strum, purr of a lyric and beat was shaped to perfection. Though it was clear the group was still having fun on stage, they left no room for error. Each song sounded like second nature.

Be the master of your own destiny and check out Champagne Superchillin—you’ll probably fall in love.