Brooklyn Welcomes Navy Gangs Back Home With Sweat & Karaoke

Navy Gangs returned home to Brooklyn Monday night and Brooklyn welcomed them back with style.

I walked into Alphaville just as the lead singer of opening band Rips yelled, “thanks everyone, we’re Rips” into the mic. Sad to miss a band that by all reports shredded, I headed to the bar where I caught up with the Navy Gang boys and ordered my usual tequila soda. They’d just ended a tour that started in late May, so they were happy to be back in town and playing a DIY space that’s become a second home for many Brooklyn musicians and music lovers.

Mint Record’s new addition, Dumb, played next. I’d interviewed them a few days before and was excited to see them play live. Dumb didn’t let me down. The Vancouver band’s punk rock-influenced sound contrasted with the rest of the lineup but they’d pack a punch in any context. Their melodic songs and relatable lyrics were propelled by their hard-hitting drummer and guitar solos that melted everyone’s already extra sweaty faces off.

After Dumb and another double tequila soda, Navy Gangs took the stage.

It’s so fun watching Navy Gangs’ dynamic. They keep big smiles plastered on their faces while cracking jokes about their fellow band members. The vibe was casual but the performance was tight. They played their songs like they’ve been hits for decades, confident that the sounds would thrill the audience.

Frontman Matthew Tillwick shouted into the mic, “Mondays, Mondays, Mondays,” before the band started up with the song “Mondays.” “Man I feel bad,” they started chanting together while the crowd bopped along. “Can I, can I reset?”—with its sweet, pop melody, everyone sang along, including me.

The party wasn’t over when the band finished. It was a welcome home celebration for Navy Gangs, so no matter what, the party was going to keep burning. Plus, Monday is karaoke night at Alphaville, so we all stuck around to get our own stage time in. Navy Gangs took the stage once again, individually this time and only equipped with a beer in one hand and a mic in the other.

The night ended to Navy Gangs drummer Eric Carney singing Gun N’ Roses’ “Welcome To The Jungle” and a fun rendition of Fergie’s “Fergalicious” performed by Navy Gangs’ PR gal Syd Walsh and myself.

Not bad for a Monday night.