Beach Jam Brought The City Crowd to The Rockaways

You could’ve hitched a ride to Rockaway Beach. Or just took the A train. Either way, you’d have reached Beach Jam and had a blast.

This past weekend two NYC musicians got together to throw an epic celebration of dancing, partying and, of course, music by the sunny shore of Rockaway Beach. The Ramones didn’t pick Rockaway at random. The Queens neighborhood is thriving with artists, musicians and just really chill people ready to have a good time.

Tall Juan

Jose Aybar (Las Rosas) and Carlos Valpeoz (Bikes In The Kitchen/One Night Only) created a lineup of bands that lured the city’s music scene to the beach. Beach Jam was held Friday through Saturday, with each night featuring a different show and after-party. BTRtoday was there for the shows Saturday and Sunday, and experienced the late night mayhem as well.

Saturday night’s Beach Jam went down at Rippers, a bar on Beach 86. With bellies full of burgers and “beach juice” (a delicious alcoholic slushy) the crowd found it easy to get down. Tall Juan kicked off the festivities with his minimalistic punk, followed by Champagne Superchillin, a new NYC indie group by way of Nashville. Next was the always amazing Breanna Barbara, who stirred up the dance floor with her sultry voice setting the crowd up for Las Rosas‘ upbeat surf rock.

Champagne Superchillin

Every band brought their A-game. Whether you were on the stage or in the crowd you were dancing and feeling good.

The after-party at Epstein’s was no different. DJs threw down the most danceable beats and show-goers happily obliged. The party didn’t end there. Most of the musicians and friends came back to Tall Juan’s where they ended up crashing or camping out in the backyard. The party was lit and so was the bonfire. Drinking continued and many enjoyed a picturesque sunrise on the bay.

Las Rosas

Beach Jam continued the next day in the backyard of the shop Off Season with Las Rosas and Champagne Superchillin. Everyone was hung-over, sunburnt and incandescently happy. Good tunes played while the audience sat on a patch of wildflowers or a makeshift bench. You could tell these city folks had the sweet taste of beach life and never wanted it to fade away.