An Eclectic, Electric Show for Bodega EP Release

Siren Sounds showed off NYC’s true vibrancy by gathering an eclectic lineup of punks, art school kids and indie hip-hop fans under one roof.

On the bill was hip-hop artist Kahiem Rivera, punk sweethearts Native Sun and experimental rockers Bodega. Each artist calls NYC home, and each made the city proud Saturday night.

At the Brooklyn venue Market Hotel, the building spilled out with fans of all types. Some people rushed over to the show to get their hands on a physical copy of Bodega’s new EP Shiny New Model before it’s online release Oct. 11. Others came to get their nose bloody in an epic mosh pit or stage dive during Native Sun’s set. While some came to swoon over Kahiem Rivera’s smoothness and poeticism.

With Rivera kicking off the show, the night instantly got hot and sweaty. Rivera dug deep into everyone’s soul with his poetic raps and bone-rattling beats. He got the crowd swaying and moving their hips as if they were melting. Eyes never left the stage with Rivera’s electric presence pulling attention forward and nowhere else.

After Rivera provided the crowd with its sexual awakening, Native Sun came up next to bring rage into the equation.

These riotous punks are insane on the stage, snarling into the mics, jumping into the crowd and blasting their amps to 11. However, they’re also the sweetest sweeties of punk rock, so halfway through their set, though audiences’ faces were bloody from the tornado of a mosh pit and foaming at the mouth for more, they paused to call up a friend to the stage to say happy birthday. It was a quick pause though, because instantly they started up again and brought the room into a frenzy.

I’m no doctor, but it probably would’ve been dangerous for everyone’s health if they had to slow down after Native Sun’s chaos. So Bodega came on stage and saved everyone’s life.

Their experimental art-school rock might’ve slowed things down melodically, but not energetically. Though the room was packed tight, bodies were still thrashing about and being carried around. Bodega was joined on stage by a mechanical hand that was lit up and pointing around the room. If the finger went your way it felt like a call to action to start gyrating along to the melodies.

The night was far from over after Bodega finished. DJ Nina Tarr kept the party going until people started to thin out. The night felt like a journey through everything good about music that could only be taken in NYC.