A Stacked Bill for Coco Verde’s Record Release Show

I always know fall is on the way from the explosion of shows in NYC. It goes from one or two shows a week in the summer to one or two shows a night in fall.

And you know that I can’t say no to a night of music.

So when I strolled up to the Coco Verde record release show at Baby’s All Right on Wednesday, it followed two and a half weeks of going out every night and I was already drained before I stepped inside. My energy dropped even further seeing people already spilling out the door. I was too tired to be surrounded by a bunch of strangers.

However, once I got closer I saw dozens of familiar faces. It was Coco Verde’s special night but that wasn’t the sole attraction. The lineup was stacked with some of Brooklyn’s most beloved bands—Gustaf, Roya, The Muckers and a DJ set by Lord Fascinator. So, I don’t know why I was surprised to see so many friends out.

The show kicked off with Gustaf, a recently formed group with members drawn from killer NY punk bands like Ex-Girlfriends and Sharkmuffin. Unfortunately, staying true to my style, I arrived right after they ended. I’ve heard great things about them though, like how they’re crazy art-rock or, as one friend described, “it was a crazy train ride that I loved.”

As Lord Fascinator played music between sets, friends bounced around the venue saying hi and giving out hugs. Fans mingled with rockers, making bonds that would last a lifetime (or at least the night). Members of Native Sun, High Waisted and Max Pain And The Grooves clinked bottles of beer and cheered for their fellow rockers on stage.

The place was packed when Roya took the stage. Everyone swayed along while frontwoman Rahill shredded through songs about the end of the world and empathy in a sweet baby doll dress, singing “I’ve got a hunger, can you handle me?”

Next up was The Muckers, true blue rock ‘n’ rollers dripping with passion and trippy vibes. The lights took a new form for these guys—everyone was doused in swirling colors that flashed along to the melodies and guitars. Frontman Emir led the crowd into a world of chaos when he closed his eyes during his solo on “This Town Will Drag Us Down.”

Coco Verde looked more ready and excited than ever—and for good reason. I mean, it was their debut record release show after all.

The six-piece played flawlessly and from the heart. Melodic tunes and catchy harmonies effortlessly flowed out of these rockers. Their joy in making music was obvious—after watching them on stage, I’m pretty sure I know what each members’ orgasm face looks like.

They closed with a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s “Hungry Heart” and everyone sang along. When the crowd shouted for an encore, they responded with, “those are all the songs we know, sorry—thanks so much for coming.”

With a night like this, filled with so many awesome bands and great music, I’m pretty sure everyone’s heart hungered for more.