A Night Of Spit And Vomit With Thelma And The Sleaze

When I walked into Muchmore’s Tuesday night someone said, “you just missed the last band vomiting on themselves.” Apparently, the lead singer in The Othermen, mid song, started casually vomiting on himself and then jumped into the crowd to spread the love (or in this case, the chunks).

Of course, my reflex was to say, “punk rock.”

The last time I saw The Othermen was at a Halloween show where they dressed up as/covered The Cramps and killed it. These guys are rockabilly combined with NYC-punk rock. They grease their hair back, while they spit in your face. So, hearing they barfed on the crowd wasn’t a surprise to me.

This was my first time seeing the Nashville-based band Thelma and The Sleaze live and my first time at this venue. I didn’t know what to expect, except that these gals were ruthless.

“I got punched in the titty by a hobo in Philadelphia, but it’s my birthday and I woke up in a storage unit,” LG tells a story to kick off the show. “It was probably her [the hobo’s] birthday too and she said, ‘all I want is to punch a dumb girl in the titty.’”

With this, Thelma and The Sleaze played their set. They shredded all hell loose with neck-wrenching head bangs, wild guitar solos and candid banter on butt sex, finger-banging and love. “If someone brings you curly fries you’re probably gonna wanna kiss ‘em,” LG says between songs with her southern belle accent, adding a comparison of getting fingered to a really good chicken salad sandwich.

The set ended with another drummer joining them on a separate drum set. The double drums made it extra thunderous within that small Williamsburg venue. Though it was already 15 minutes past the venue’s strict curfew, the place was still rocking. Catch them while they’re in the city June 30 at Berlin, July 4 at Baby’s All Right and July 5 at Mercury Lounge.

Weird how the bar at Muchmore’s only serves beer and wine (and coffee), yet the Thelma and The Sleaze show sounds like it was a night drenched in tequila. Barfing on people, stories about butt sex and staying out way too late? Yeah, that sounds like one too many shots to me.

Listen to Thelma and The Sleaze responsibly.