A Full Flower Blue Moon for The Mystery Lights’ Record Release Show

The night sky got all dolled up for The Mystery Lights’ record release show and no one who knows The Mystery Lights was surprised.

The Mystery Lights play music that will have you hooked in a second. And if you’re lucky enough to meet them, they become friends for life. Trust me: I’ve been tight with them since we met them in 2016—read the interview here.

Mystery Lights’ sophomore album, Too Much Tension! is their first album since the last blue moon, way back in 2016. That’s too long a wait for their fans and friends who packed into Music Hall of Williamsburg to see Mystery Lights in their biggest NYC headlining show to date and to catch their openers, beloved local NYC acts, Future Punx and Dirty Fences.

Thanks to the venue’s jammed printer and other blue moon-related mishaps, I missed Future Punx. But I made it in for Dirty Fences, whose carefree attitude eased the lunar pains. Their ‘80s rock-inspired thrashers had everyone in the crowd bouncing along and smiling from their first note to their last.

Between sets I journeyed to the green room where I was warmly welcomed with shots of tequila and good friends. I’m surprised the band even made it to the stage with all the hugs and laughter being shared before their set.

When they tore into classic hits like “Too Many Girl” and “Flower in My Hair, Demons in My Head,” it was obvious that no amount of tequila could stop them from playing like a well-oiled machine.

The album’s only about a week old but fans had already committed it to memory and sang along to their newest hits, like“I’m So Tired (Of Living In The City)” the perfect anthem to all us New Yorkers living in a city that’s driving us mad but still keeps us hooked. The Mystery Lights rocked so hard that everyone forgot about their woes. Their music felt like a deep tissue massage relieving us all of our pent-up aggression.

After they played the Screamers’ “122 Hours of Fear” for their encore, the friends and family reconvened in the green room for more celebratory tequila shots before spilling onto the streets of Brooklyn.

Hopefully, we won’t have to wait for the next seasonal blue moon in 2021 for The Mystery Lights’ next album, but we’ll keep our eye on the moon and the band until then.