Surf Curse, EZTV, Joy Again, Rips at Brooklyn Bazaar

On Friday, April 28, FlatBox Presents put together a too-cool-for-school lineup at Brooklyn Bazaar in our very own Greenpoint—it was all ages, and hormones were wild.

It included the beautifully and painstakingly melodic bands Rips, Joy Again, EZTV, and Surf Curse.

As is tradition, (because it’s basically tradition now, am I right?) I missed the first band. It’s become quite a skill of mine to show up a little too fashionably late. Luckily, however, it was a band that I got to see back in January at Baby’s Alright with some of NYC’s hardest working bands.

Rips has a vibe that’s smooth, yet still true-blue garage. They play punk rock with that satisfaction you feel when you’ve poured a beer just right—not too much foam, and the perfect amount of that golden elixir. Don’t get it? You’ll just have to catch them next time they play, on May 12 at Berlin in Manhattan.

Jacob & Lillie, guitarists of Surf Curse

Next up was Joy Again from Philadelphia, Pa. If two is a couple, and four is a party, then is six a league of villainous musicians? Joy Again is so melodic that their tracks almost sound cult-like, and we totally mean that in a good way, because there’s no way you won’t get addicted to listening to them once you get started. I caught the end of their set and the crowd was hanging on each note that lingered in the air like a thick fog.

Followed up was EZTV, the ultimate pretty-boy boy band of the underground music scene. If these guys don’t have teenyboppers passing out to them soon, then what the heck is going on in the world? We are currently living in a pretty messed up world, but EZTV provides some ease. Their live vibe is all encompassing and feels like everyone in the room is just a bunch of friends hanging out having a chill time together.

Headlining was Surf Curse, a trio based in Reno, Nev. that plays an amazing live set. Their on-stage chemistry is like no other, and their music hits you like a wave of warm ocean salt water—hard and terrifying, calming yet exhilarating. Maybe I’m a sucker for drummers singing lead vocals, but I just think it’s the best thing in the world, especially to experience live. The Surf Curse drummer not only kept the beat impeccably, but also sang each lyric with the utmost passion. The others, however, don’t get outshined. The two guitarists (that’s right, no bassist included) blend beautifully together and induced mayhem within the hearts of all the concertgoers—plus, we met Jacob Brubeck, one of the guitarists, and he was a total sweetie.

It was a Friday night in NYC, so of course, it didn’t end there, but I’ll leave that part of the story up to your imagination.

Nicholas of Surf Curse

Make sure to check all these bands out on their social medias—give ’em a listen, and catch them playing in a city near you.