Welcome Home Stuyedeyed Show at Trans-Pecos

This is going to be an ultimate punk rock night thrown by Black on the Canvas. Trans-Pecos, which is a venue in Ridgewood, Queens, already known for putting on chaotically peculiar nights, is throwing a welcome home show for Brooklyn-native band Stuyedeyed and it’s sure to be a wild time.

Here at BTRtoday we’re already big fans of Stuyedeyed—you can check out an interview with them here, and a Live Studio Session here. Their sound is unruly and punches you right in the face. Also, not only do they produce raging music and put on wildly entertaining live shows, they’re all also a group of the most amazing people you’ll ever meet—so there’s no way this night won’t be satisfying.

Flyers courtesy of the band.

Also included on the bill are bands with equally as great people playing in them.

First up is Psymon Spine. They take worldly sounds and combine them with a post-punk/punk rock vibe. They’re catchy AF, with upbeat backing vocals and melodic guitar strums and drum beats, but they’re also dark enough to summon the under lords of every religion with cult-like lyrics and daunting instrumental breaks.

Then it’s Thick, another BTRtoday fav! Check out an interview with them here. These ladies really know how to get the party started! Their specialty is pop-punk, and they bring it with a bang. The second they start hitting the drums, strumming the guitar, and screaming into their mics, the crowd stirs into a frenzy–throwing cans, spitting up beer, and moshing like it’s the end of the world.

Up next is Retail, another staple Brooklyn punk band. Their live shows include lots of bodies being thrown around and passionate/guttural screams into the already heavy air… People really start to riot when these guys play!

Finally, if you haven’t seen or heard of Stuyedeyed before, then you’re missing out. These guys would be Hades’ personal house band. Their music is darkly punk, with passion oozing from every sound made and lyric sung. They recently released their brand new EP entitled “Funeral,” check it out!

Make sure that this Friday, April 7, you find yourself at Trans-Pecos to catch all the punk rock mayhem and to give Stuyedeyed a great big welcome-back-to-the-hood punch to the gut!