Cult Citizen Presents Exhibition, High Water, & Wild Pink

Alt Citizen, an online music media outlet based in NYC that shares news on all the hippest up-and-coming artists, and Cult Records, a record label owned by The Strokes’ front man, Julian Casablancas, get together every so often to put on a shows that they call Cult Citizen.

Flyer courtesy of Cult Citizen

On Tuesday, April 18th, Cult Citizen merged forces with Popgun Presents and put on a show that included Wild Pink, High Water, and Cult Records most recent addition, Exhibition. To nobody’s surprise, the show sold out–with such a stellar lineup and reputable event hosts it would’ve been surprising if there were any tickets left!

As a totally-not-obnoxious-and-actually-very-endearing quirk of mine, I missed the first band as I tend to do. It’s so cute! (That’s sarcasm if you didn’t catch it …) However, I heard from very reputable sources that the first band, Wild Pink, was “poppin’.” I heard there was a steel guitarist that blew everyone away and I’m bummed I missed it because I have quite the soft spot for steel guitar. Next time, boys!

Wild Pink

I showed up right when the second band, High Water, was getting ready on stage. These guys provided a party atmosphere that got everyone in the audience swaying and bopping along. However, High Water also had a surprisingly emo tone to them. When you got down to the lyrics, it sounded like break up music, the last song especially—but don’t let that dissuade you! The songs were extremely relatable and fun to dance to. Who doesn’t like a good breakup song to groove to? Seriously!

High Water

Lastly, Exhibition took the stage, one of the youngest of the Cult Records family–Casablancas even joins in with vocals on one of his most recent releases. His sound is groovy, yet still true-blue rock’n’roll. When he started, the audience appeared to multiply and filled with trendy people piling up in the venue, dancing along and cheering passionately. Also, I must add that Solange, who sang backing vocals, had some killer dance moves that made everyone in attendance jealous!


As the night came to an end, it was no surprise that everyone was wild about the music they just experienced—Cult Citizen shows are never a disappointment! If you missed out, well, then you missed out, but Cult Citizen is constantly throwing shows, so keep an eye out! Also, follow these bands online to make sure you catch their next shows and get familiar with their emerging sound that’ll rock your world.