Dream Decay, Junk Boys, Weeping Icon, and Conduit at Alphaville

On Monday, April 10, at Brooklyn’s infamous venue/bar Alphaville, a night of pure punk rock occurred.

For a Monday night, it was packed—people from all walks of life were there getting along in total harmony. The punks were in their leather, the dreamers in their denim, the stoners in their tie-dye, and even the girly girls in their colorful dresses were all sharing gleeful shots and thoughts. I bet you’d never guess what brought them together? Nitty-gritty, no-good punk rock, that’s what!

Unfortunately, being the fashionably late person I am, I missed the first band, Conduit. A Brooklyn-based punk band that sounds pretty chaotic, their songs are harsh and unapologetic with melodic/guttural screams that’ll get your blood boiling. From what I heard from other attendees, their sound is killer and cacophonous, stirring up riots of white noise and blissful confusion in everyone’s chests.

Flyer by Alessandro Keegan and Matthew Hord.

The first band I caught was Weeping Icon—another killer Brooklyn-based punk band. These ladies don’t stop between songs; they don’t have time for on-stage banter, and they get straight to the point. The drummer shared the vocals with the guitarist over a raw bass line and threatening effects. They weren’t afraid to use every sound their mouths could make! It was a unique experience worth seeing if you’re a true-blue punk fan

Next up was Junk Boys—a NYC band that has been somewhat on hiatus from the limelight for a bit, but are now back with vengeance. Recently they released the single, “Walk With Me,” which has some serious Western influences, with pedal steel guitar and cowboy duel-inducing vocals, yet still staying true to their punk rock roots with fast drumbeats and head-bangable guitar riffs. Their live execution of the material was on point, tight, and wild all at once. If you missed ‘em at Alphaville, catch them at Baby’s All Right on April 28 with Psychic Ills and Purling Hiss!

Drummer from Junk Boys rocks.

Last, but definitely not least, was the touring band Dream Decay from Seattle, WA. Another band where the drummer shares the vocals—they were rough, unruly, and completely badass. Maybe I’m a sucker for drummer vocalists, but these guys brought the thunder down. With every sound, melody, and/or chorus they produced, it was like Thor’s hammer hitting down hard on everyone’s eardrums and the crowd loved it! The ceremonial NYC-head bangs commenced heavily throughout the crowd once these guys started.

The show ended with (metaphorically) bleeding ears, and, like every Monday at Alphaville, people geared up for Karaoke, and I’ll tell you what, it was the most punk rock influenced night of karaoke!