The So So Glos, High Waisted, Thick, Unstoppable Death Machines at Brooklyn Bazaar

On March 3 in NYC’s notorious Brooklyn Bazaar located in Greenpoint, a night of pop-punk mayhem occurred.

The So So Glos, High Waisted, Thick, and Unstoppable Death Machines came together to put on a show that was so terrifyingly punk rock in every sense that heads exploded. By every sense I mean there was a little hardcore, a little old school punk, a little surfer punk, and a lotta pop punk.

Flyer provided by Ipsum.

It started with Unstoppable Death Machines, who stirred up the crowd like you’ve never experienced–two brothers playing music so fast and so deadly that even the weakest link in the crowd couldn’t help but swing themselves into a deadly frenzy of a mosh pit!

Next up was Thick, and if you’ve ever read Nightshift Sounds before, then you know I’m part of a Thick posse. It’s difficult not to be friends with these girls after meeting them—they’re too freakin’ cool and too god damn nice not to! So, of course, they put on an amazing show! In fact, they had a gaggle of teeny-boppers singing along to their tunes! Keep an eye on these ladies—they’re going to be the next Blink 182!

Unstoppable Death Machines rocking out.

High Waisted took the stage next, another group of amazing people. They’re influenced by the likes of Dick Dale, The Ramones, and barfing up glitter! Their set was filled with hip swaying, smiley face balloons, and songs that are so catchy you’ll be singing them to your grandkids!

Last but not least, So So Glos headlined the show. Playing an hour-long set, these pop-punk pioneers sang about sticking it to the man, angst, and being misunderstood. If that isn’t the epitome of pop punk, then I don’t know what is!

Everyone moshed, everyone died, and everyone was reborn with angst in their hearts and sweat in their hair, because this was a night that pop-punk ruled all!