Twiga, Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads, Ghost Camp, and Secret Crush at Alphaville

At Alphaville on March 24, an unexpectedly wild night occurred. The temperature was getting closer to the 60s, beloved local NYC bands were finally starting to return from SXSW, and I’m pretty sure I wasn’t the only one ready to down a few shots.

In fact, I walked into the bar and was immediately approached by Dylan, aka Ruth Carp of Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads, with two shots of tequila on deck waiting just for me. I had recently interviewed him over the phone for an up-coming episode of the Music Meetup (out April 17—where we’ll be premiering their newest LP, so make sure to tune in!) and this was our first face-to-face meeting. Of course it had to be consummated with a double shot of tequila!

So, with the liberal amounts of tequila shots going around and the wonderfully stimulating company, I was ready for the show!

Unfortunately since I have no sense of time, I showed up to the show a little too fashionably late and missed the first band, Secret Crush. Luckily, BTRtoday is a longtime fan of the band, and there is a Live Studio sessions of them right here—so you can at least get an idea of what I missed out on.

The first band I got a glimpse of was Ghost Camp, from New Jersey—the epitome of classic garage rock. They’ve perfected a sound of well-orchestrated melodies and beats, with just the right amount of that home-recorded feel. Watching them on stage you could tell that they were having a truly great time, paired with synchronistic band chemistry, hitting each note with the utmost passion.

Ruth Carp takes the stage.

Next up was Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads from Australia. I suppose there’s no way for me to be unbiased about this band since they immediately found their way to my heart with a couple of tequila shots, but I just gotta say, they were a blast to see live! This group of alcoholic hoodlums really knows how to bring the chaos. All of their songs relate to some sort of substance abuse or downer in life, but they serve it to you with their drinks raised up high. Their sound is kind of a grunge-surf rock combo with songs that will seriously get stuck in your head for days after hearing them. On stage it’s as if they’re possessed by a drugged up demon (in a good way)—to find out more about them you’ll just have to tune into the Music Meetup episode on April 17.

Artwork courtesy of the band.

Last but not least, Twiga took the stage. A local Brooklyn band that’s so catchy you wanna die! (Again, in a good way.) Soothing lyrics matched with strong and loud guitar riffs that got everyone swaying. By the time they ended everyone was bitten by the dance bug, and didn’t want it to be over!

I ended up going out dancing and partying with the crazy Aussie’s of Ruth Carp & The Fish Heads until the sun rose, but the rest of that story is for another time.