Weird Omen, Ryne Ziemba, & Holy Tunics at Alphaville

This past Saturday, March 18, there was eccentricity in the air, in the best way possible.

There was pure rock’n’roll oozing from every corner, the blare of punk rock gave everyone a healthy smack in the face with their first step into the venue, and later sultry saxophone put everyone in the mood. The show was originally planned to be put on at Brooklyn’s legendary DIY venue, Shea Stadium, but due to something stupid (probably), the venue has been shut down.

Though the heartbreak for all Shea-goers has been extra cruel, the show had to go on! So the night of whirlwind sounds was moved to Alphaville, a dive bar in the heart of Bushwick.

Courtesy of Alphaville.

The night was unapologetically cold, with winds that felt like little daggers stabbing you all over your body. If you’re a New Yorker, then you already know it can sometimes be difficult to get people to come out when the weather is as murderous as this. However, if you’re an avid concert-goer then you may also know that these can sometimes be the best shows—it weeds out the weak and the posers and leaves lots of room for dancing your little heart out! Well, this was one of those nights. (Though, that being said, the place was pretty packed by the end of the night…)

First up was Holy Tunics—a NY band that we’re longtime fans of here at BTRtoday. They’re true garage rockers, who aren’t afraid to give 110 percent every time they take the stage!

Then came Ryne Ziemba, bringing the melodic beats and sing-a-long tunes that got everyone moving and grooving. Their sound takes notes of classic rock, turns up the volume, and adds a dash of saxophone for romance and catchiness.

Weird Omen takes the stage.

A France-based group called Weird Omen headlined—they also laid down some saxophone, but in an eerier way. I just have to say, is it just me, or is adding sax to punk rock the best thing ever? These guys brought the classic sounds of rock’n’roll from every era, and then morphed it to represent the badasses they all are. If you want to learn more about them, you should check out the Music Meetup where we chat with them and listen to their full-length, “Breakfast Before Chaos,” and their newest 7’’!

It was one of those nights where everyone had the same thought: “Let’s get weird!”