SXSW Kickoff Party at The Knitting Factory

On March 9 some of the greatest local bands you can find in NYC came together to play one last show before they hit the road, Texas-bound for SXSW.

Winstons, Breanna Barbara, Blank Spaces, and Dolly Spartans made a lineup to remember! A little blues, a little pop, a little indie madness, and a lot of rock’n’roll made an epic night for any show rat and/or music lover.

Flyer courtesy of The Knitting Factory.

Winstons took the stage first, and, of course, they brought the true love to the crowd—singing about never lying to the one you love and always being there for them, in a soulful and bluesy way that really sparked everyone’s hearts. Especially after front man, Lou, leapt off stage–making everyone’s hearts leap with him.

Breanna Barbara is gaspfully amazing. I know I just made that word up, but seriously, if you ever see this girl live, you can’t help but gasp at how amazing she is! She’s going to be big, and if she isn’t then I’ve lost all faith in the world of music.

Blank Spaces got the crowd grooving and moving. Their combination of old-school rock and contemporary indie perfectly executed on stage along with explosive chemistry between the members created an atmosphere where everyone felt like a rock star.

Dolly Spartans closed the show with some melodic tunes that made everyone sway even if they’re not the swayin’ type. Their songs are so catchy and relatable that even the bartenders were captivated.

Dolly Spartans, courtesy of Elena Childers.

By the end everyone was yearning to keep the party going and looking for an after party, but you don’t need to know that part of the story.

Overall, it was a show for the books that made every fan of rock’n’roll drool at the mouth with satisfaction, so make sure to keep an eye on all these guys!