Cult Citizen Presents Palm Springsteen, The Wedge, & Pizza Boys

Have you ever heard of this thing called “Cult Citizen?”

If you haven’t, sit down and buckle up, because I’m about to tell you about it—if you’re a fan of rock’n’roll, up-and-coming musicians, and shows to remember, then you gotta stay up-to-date with what Cult Citizen is putting on next.

Cult Records and Alt Citizen come together to put on some of the best shows; mostly in NYC, but they make their way across coasts as much as they can. Cult Records is the label brought to you by The Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, and Alt Citizen is a small indie NYC-based music outlet that is the best at keeping music rats in the loop about everything down’n’dirty/rock’n’roll/punk rock/music perfection.

With their ultra-super powers, Cult Records and Alt Citizen have created Cult Citizen!

Their past shows have included amazing bands such as Rey Pila, The Drums, Bass Drum of Death, Har Mar Superstar, Girl Band and omg so many more! Just last week I was able to attend their first show of the year, and it did not disappoint.

On Feb. 2 Cult Citizen brought Pizza Boys, The Wedge, and Palm Springsteen to Baby’s All Right.

Courtesy of Cult Citizen.

Unfortunately, I missed Pizza Boys, which I was seriously bummed about because I’ve been meaning to see that band for forever now and I keep missing them like a big ole idiot! Luckily for me, they play often around NYC and have a show coming up Feb. 22 at Alphaville. They’re self-described as “psychobilly mania” and their sound is the ultimate combination of garage and the IDGAF attitude.

The Wedge can be described only as blues/rock’n’roll—seriously, if anyone tries to describe them as something else, they just don’t get it. When they started their set, the guitarist immediately jumped off the stage and started ripping on his guitar while kicking around on the floor in the middle of the crowd. They’re songs either make you want to cry or completely lose yourself. For their last song they brought a drum down to the audience and distributed drumsticks for everyone to bang away with, and even invited an audience member to play guitar with them on stage.

The Wedge live, courtesy of Elena Childers.

The headliner, Palm Springsteen, blew me away. I had never even heard of them before, so I really had no expectations. Their vibe is dance-your-woes-away and their sound is so catchy and melodic that you can’t help but give in to the vibe! It could almost be said that their music feels therapeutic, because you really can dance your woes away to it.

Palm Springsteen live, courtesy of Elena Childers.

Overall, it was a great and satisfying night. I highly suggest everyone to keep an eye on all of these bands—I know I’m going to!