Music Video Premiere of CHILLEMI’s Single “Child Of The Earth”

Brian Chillemi, aka CHILLEMI, will always be on our must-listen list here at BTRtoday. His current solo project not only makes us swoon, but his band Junk Boys and former band Organs also restore our faith in music!

It’s quite funny actually, because if you listen to Junk Boys you’d never guess that you’re listening to the same guy. Junk Boys is a wild punk rock/garage band with fast guitar riffs, hard hitting drum solos, and guttural vocals that shout at you, not with you.

When you listen to CHILLEMI, you’re taken into a whole other dimension—a world filled with nostalgia, beauty, confusion, and innocence. His solo work tends to stroke the most sensitive heartstrings found deep down in everyone.

His latest EP “I Went To Town” (featured on BTRtoday before it’s official release this past summer on Time Castle Recordings) takes a step back by slowing things down, while also speeding up the imagination. The gentle yet emotional songs paint a vibrant picture of simpler and more trying times. For instance, the track “Debbie” is based off a true story of a blind transgender woman from Brooklyn, who would call WBAI’s late night free form programs in the ’60s and discuss her life experiences.

Make sure to catch CHILLEMI this Friday at Our Wicked Lady featuring Breanna Barbara, Hideout, and Helena Deland. Also, don’t forget to check out his EP streaming on Impose.

Now, CHILLEMI has done it again! (Not like we’re surprised…) BTRtoday is proud and excited to premiere the music video for the single “Child Of The Earth.” The video was filmed in Ireland on an old school 16mm camera that almost didn’t make it past airport security.

Filled with cascading sceneries of breathtaking shores and cliffs, it’s easy to get lost within the melodies and images passing by. CHILLEMI soothingly narrates the story of a beautiful forest nymph lost to the hand of the brutal cold winter who is saved by a hermit living in the mountainside.

Check it out below!