NYC’s Hardest Working Bands of 2016

Oh My Rockness created a list of the 20 most hardworking bands of NYC in 2016. These are bands that not only worked their asses off to create badass singles, EPs, albums, music videos, you name it, they also played their little hearts out with as many shows around the city as possible—I mean, Thick played 45 shows for goodness sake!

This Friday, seven of the 20 bands declared the hardest working are doing what they do best and putting on a show! At the venue Baby’s All Right, the lineup is Thick, Stuyedeyed, Surfbort, RIPS, Fruit & Flowers, Decorum, and Sic Tic. Each band has their own style, vibe, and sound, but each one is sure to put their heart and soul into their performance.

Thick is a pop-punk band comprised of three badass girls shredding it on stage. Their guitarist, Nikki, once told me they just want to be the female version of Blink-182, but, in my opinion, they’re even better than that!

Stuyedeyed is a born and raised Bed-Sty, Brooklyn band that has a dark and mysterious vibe. Their music is old school punk rock with a kick in the ass. The front man, Nelson Espinal, isn’t afraid to get in your face and scream the lyrics straight down your throat into your soul.

Surfbort is a classic NYC punk rock band. If you haven’t seen them yet, then you’re messing up. They’re gritty, scandalous, and don’t give a fuck about what anyone else thinks. You’ll feel terrified in the best way possible.

RIPS is an indie band that rips it on stage. They’re a combo of surf rock and punk rock. They’re melodic and catchy and make you want to crowd surf like a pro surfer.

Fruit & Flowers is reminiscent of Hole or Sonic Youth. The female lead brings vocals that are soothing, yet dark over a steady melody that’s sure to make you sway.

Decorum brings all the feels—the inner angsty teen will come out of anyone who listens to these guys. They’re eerie and catchy all in one with a hint of experimental.

Lastly, Sic Tic is a band that truly makes great use out of every sound possible. They’ve not only got oooh’s and aaah’s, but also chaotic drum rolls, spicy guitar riffs, and soothing atmosphere. Their sound is a haunting melody to say the least.

Make sure to check out the show, Baby’s All Right is a great bar/venue and always hosts some of NYC’s bests shows—this show is sure not to disappoint!