Breanna Barbara, Old Lady, Dances, Junk Boys, & Tess Parks at Union Pool

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Breanna Barbara is hands-down one of the best musicians in NYC currently. She’s not afraid to experiment with her voice, slide all over her guitar, and make her music genre undeterminable. The first time I heard her music I instantly fell in love. If you haven’t heard her yet, she was on Discovery Corner a bit ago—check her out!

Her sound is definitely influenced by some old-school country, blues, rock and roll, and even old school punk. Just this summer she released her debut full-length album “Mirage Dreams.” It’s filled with tracks that’ll take you on an epic emotional ride.

Some tracks like “I’m Alright” and “Daddy Dear” are tragic yet fulfilling, and give you an inexplicable feeling of empowerment. Other tracks like “Mirage Dreams” and “Salin’ Salin” include guttural howls and bring out your inner most wild woman. How does she do it? I don’t know, but you have to experience for yourself.

15267826_10155460158257786_8712108685647929749_nFlyer courtesy of Flatbox Presents.

Lucky you; she plays December 16th at Union Pool with Old Ladys, Dances, Junk Boys, and Tess Parks. Now, the bar at Union Pool is a well-known meat market—people tend to go there just to hook up with each other. However, by some skill and/or miracle, they’ve been able to keep the venue actually pretty cool! Great bands go through, the acoustics are excellent, and the overall vibe that happens in the venue is fucking hip and enjoyable. So I highly suggest checking this show out!

The other bands also make a great rock’n’roll lineup. All give off an old-school vibe, yet still make sure to kick it into overdrive on the rock’n’roll when needed.

Breanna Barbara puts on an epic live performance. She never leaves out the passion that fuels her and puts all her heart and soul into each strum of her guitar and howl into the mic! Her and her band are also the kind of great musicians who may intimidate you by their talent, but are also the sweetest people in the world. You’re able to hang out with them and chitchat with them after the show and you’ll immediately feel like part of the gang!

So make sure you get your ass to Union Pool on Dec. 16th or your FOMO might get the best of you.