Lady (Final Show!), Gingerlys, Holy Tunics, NO ICE at Sunnyvale

The hypnotizing and airy rock’n’roll music of Lady is tragically coming to an end. After two years of playing together, putting out several on-point singles and an EP throughout the years, the group is unfortunately calling it quits.

The band posted on their Facebook page, “I loved playing in this band more than anything, and it’s been one of the coolest experiences of my life—but we’re just all in kind of different places with it, both physically and emotionally,” along with a link to the event page for their last show. They added, “we’re all still the greatest of friends, and this is a mutual decision.”

The show will be this Friday, Jan. 27 at Brooklyn’s Sunnyvale with doors opening at 8 pm. The bill also includes Gingerlys, Holy Tunics, and NO ICE—so for a mere $10 you’re getting an amazing lineup!

NO ICE, whom BTRtoday spoke with back in early 2016, are a Brooklyn-based/six-piece group that seasoned musicians come in and out of constantly, giving the band a fresh sound with every track they release. They dropped their first full-length album this past May entitled “Come On Feel The NO ICE.” They’re sound is a garage rock band with melodic ‘90s influences.

Another band that BTRtoday has had the pleasure of chatting with, Holy Tunics, is a lo-fi band that maintains a home recording sound and stays true to who they are. They’re definitely garage rock through and through, yet with lighter, more uplifting beats.

Gingerlys is a band we’ve yet to talk to, but their music has left a mark on our ears. Described as “ear candy,” Gingerlys is synth-pop, rock’n’roll music that is easy to get lost in. The vibrations and melodies of their songs are captivating and lead you into a dream about nothing and everything all at once.

Make sure you get your ass down to Sunnyvale to catch the last performance by Lady. Self-described as “shoegaze/dream punk/noise pop,” it’s a sad day for the NYC music scene to see them go, but their music will live on! Maybe it’s a little late in the game to get attached, but if you want some sweet sounds for those ear holes of yours, check out their EP, “Washer.”