The Mystery Lights, Roya, Warbly Jets at Shea Stadium

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It’s a mourning period currently for D.I.Y. spaces everywhere. After the tragedy of the Oakland fire at the D.I.Y. space The Ghost Ship, it’s been an emotional scene, to say the least.

Shea Stadium, located in the depths of Brooklyn, NY, is a popular all-ages D.I.Y venue and recording studio that hosts some of NYC’s best shows. On Dec. 10th they housed the return home show for Ridgewood, Queens boys, The Mystery Lights. Joining them was Roya and Warbly Jets—the show was a beautiful time that appreciated D.I.Y. venues and celebrated the lives that were lost.

First up were Warbly Jets—an L.A. based band that has been touring around with The Mystery Lights for a while now. Like the entire bill from this night—these guys were not lacking in any true-blue rock’n’roller vibes. They’re catchy, yet eccentric with songs filled to the brim with chaotic guitar riffs, strong vocals, and heavy beats. While playing, these pretty-boy rockers made sure to make use of the entire stage and pulled in the audience with their entrancing tunes. Currently, they only have one single available online, “Alive.” Make sure to give it a listen and follow these guys online to see what they’re cooking up next—I see big things in their future.

Next was NYC band, Roya. These guys have been playing more and more shows lately and growing in popularity—if you haven’t seen Roya, you’re not truly part of the NYC underground music scene. They’re songs are tragically catchy and filled with dark undertones that have the ability to even make your feels feel. Another band I suggest to keep an eye on—a little birdie told me they’re going to be coming out with a full-length album very soon!

The Mystery Lights managed to bring everyone out, to no surprise. They have been on tour since October, so NYC has been starving for them to come back and put on a show to warm up this already brutal winter. Plus, the guys that comprise this band are the most kind-hearted and amazing people, so everyone in that room that night were genuinely so happy to see them! They not only provided the audience with their hit jams, like “Candlelight” and “Follow Me Home,” but they also played brand new songs (which were amazing, good job guys!) and had trippy visuals projecting over them created by Stephanie García.

If you haven’t hear them before, they were on Discovery Corner a bit ago, check it out!

The second I stepped foot into Shea, I knew it was going to be a good night—I couldn’t help but have a huge grin while dancing during everyone’s sets—I wasn’t even on drugs! I could tell it was going to be one of the last shows where everyone in the building is in good spirits, before the winter comes and steals everyone’s souls. So of course, I couldn’t let it end there. The after party continued to rage on at Our Wicked Lady, but that story I’ll keep under warps. *wink wink*