High Waisted, Best Behavior, Ultra Major, & Megan Vice at Knitting Factory

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High Waisted is always a goodtime—they’re full of colors, confetti, and energy!

Friday, Dec. 2nd, was even more epic because it was the record release show for High Waisted’s “Acid Tapes Vol. 3.” The new record is full of your surf-rock favorites. They cover the classics, such as Roy Orbison, The Ventures, The Ramones, and even Chris Isaak, along with several High Waisted original jammers.

The show included three other acts that provided ample pump-up tunes to get your blood flowing and your brain swirling.

Megan Vice started off the show by bringing the dance vibes. Her music focuses on the beat. Her tunes are steady and melodic enough for anyone to let loose to, no matter how bad of a dancer you may think you are, but also provide lyrics and flavor to the sound to create an experience like no other—she too is a connoisseur of confetti.

Ultra Major brought the gritty rock’n’roll that Brooklyn is so well known for. Their music is filled with face-shredding guitar riffs and solos, rowdy vocals, and bad-boy vibes that the whole crowd couldn’t help but rage.

Best Behavior is a beautiful combination of everything, making them the best choice to put on right before High Waisted. They’re definitely more garage-influenced, but you can hear the dance-y melody and hypnotizing tunes that are remnant of some 60s-pop and old school surf rock. Not to mention, they’re fucking punk rock!

Finally, when High Waisted came on everyone was more than ready. This band has a knack for setting the tone for the entire crowd, and the tone for this night was, “it’s fucking time to party!” This fun surf-rock band always has a party up there on stage while they perform, so, of course, they want to share that love with their audience!

Front-woman, Jessica Louise Dye, once told me she aims for their sound and shows to be like a vomited rainbow on an acid trip—and I’d say that’s a pretty accurate description—nobody left the show without being covered in confetti. (I woke up with my pillow covered in the shiny bastards).

They kicked it off with a Venture’s classic tune and they blasted everyone one of their hits that drive the crowd wild. People were passing around handfuls of confetti for you to get in on the fun, drinks were drank, heads were banging, and love was in the air for music lovers everywhere!

It was High Waisted’s last show for the year, but next year is right around the corner! So make sure to check out “Acid Tapes Vol. 3” and stay tuned for what they’re up to next!