Stuyedeyed Single Release Show at Sunnyvale

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A week ago today something happened and the world of music was changed for good–Stuyedeyed released their single “Funeral.” Sound barriers were broken, eardrums burst, and tears of blood flowed! (Okay, nobody cried blood–but the show was so badass metaphorical tears of blood were definitely shed!)

The lineup was one of the sickest you could find in NYC—hands down the best lineup in the city that night. It kicked off with indelicate and intoxicating Evil Daughter, who turned the amps up to 11 just for the occasion. Then local band BIRDS played tunes that pulled the audience in from every corner of the venue. The Mad Doctors were next, who were also kicking off their tour, and they lived up to their name–they truly went mad up there on stage and got the crowd’s blood pumping and bodies moving.

unnamedImage courtesy of Elena Childers

The show was in the Brooklyn bar Sunnyvale–this was my first experience with this establishment and it was a good one! The overall vibe of not only the audience but also the bartenders, bar-backs, and musicians was so goddamn wonderful and inviting that you didn’t even need to do any drugs to feel high. Also, the acoustics were some of the best I’ve experienced out of all the DIY venues I’ve been to in New York (and oh, I’ve been to many).

Everyone on stage seemed to be having a blast–it felt like a private and intimate show just for friends. I mean, Nelson, front man of Stuyedeyed, was lifted and surfed through the crowd whether he liked it or not–it made the crowd feel like it was massive, even though it technically only filled up half of the venue.

I can’t continue without expressing how amazing the single “Funeral” came out. Great job, guys!

Stuyedeyed is a band with members who seem to have the ability to find the good in everyone they meet–they’re sweet, welcoming, and kind, but they sure know how to produce music that makes you find a reason to be pissed off and bang your head to. “Funeral” is no different, but it also is somehow able to strike your heart with a lovable fear that’s indescribable–you’ll just have to give it a listen yourself to experience it.

Currently, Stuyedeyed is on tour, hitting a few places around the U.S. before heading back to their hometown of NYC to finish up their EP—to-be-released in early 2017. Make sure to keep an eye out for them!