Diet Cig, Adult Mom, & Thick at Brooklyn Bazaar

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On Nov. 17, 2016, Brooklyn Bazaar, located in the quaint neighborhood of Greenpoint, lost all control. It will always be known as the night Thick, Adult Mom, and Diet Cig ravaged the stage.

Alright, enough with the dramatics–but seriously, this was an epic night!

With the tense atmosphere in New York City since the election, it was nice to have a night to take you back to simpler times–to pop punk times. The crowd was moshing, spitting beer, and singing along to each catchy lyric, while thrashing their hair like there was no tomorrow. Nostalgia filled our hearts and music moved our souls.

First up was Thick, a band of three ladies that are the most fun trio in the game. Thank the music gods that they found each other! Their shows are never lacking in excitement, thrills, and tunes so catchy your blood will boil (in a good way, of course). They got the crowd immediately riled up–there was a moment I even joined in on an orchestrated beer-spitting move that was like the Olympic synchronizing swimming routine of pop punk. Graceful and gritty.

Image courtesy of Elena Childers

After Thick brought the chaos, Adult Mom brought the feels.

Adult Mom has melodic beats that bring out the hurt in you. The frontwoman’s soothing vocals combined with the melodic strums of the guitar and hard-hitting drums, produces a sound so magical you’ll never want to stop listening. They got the crowd swaying together and feeling like one.

When Diet Cig took the stage it was like fans came out from the shadows–the place was already packed, but then all of a sudden it was stuffed. Frontwoman Alex Luciano is the most adorable person you’ll ever meet, bursting full of punk rock energy. Paired with Noah Bowman creating the beats on the drums, it’s like this duo was meant to be!

Though there are only two people up there on stage for Diet Cig, they use up the entire space. Luciano makes sure to jump off anything in sight, bounce around to every hit of the hi-hat, twirl around during every instrumental break, and shine her bright smile to the crowd.

The music from the entire night filled the air and everyone was in a good mood.

After the show the crowd ventured downstairs to join Judy, an epic dance party self-described as “queer love, rock ‘n’ roll and moves to kill.” Judy is a punk; Judy is all of us. The space is amazing with lots of mirrors to check your moves out, a bar, a photo booth, and even a neon glow-in-the-dark black light mini golf room to dance in!

What a wild time.