The Mystery Lights, The Nude Party, Breanna Barbara at Baby’s All Right

If you’re a frequent reader of Nightshift Sounds, then you’ve probably noticed I’m quite a fan of The Mystery Lights—I go to a lot of their shows. They’re just always a wild and fun time, filled with friendly faces. This past Saturday, the 7th, FlatBox put together the lineup of a lifetime: Breanna Barbara, The Nude Party, and The Mystery Lights.

These three bands are some of the most talented out there right now. Breanna Barbara with her voice of a fiery goddess, The Nude Party from Boone, NC bringing the good vibes and chill times, and, of course, The Mystery Lights creating chaos in everyone’s hearts. This is the kind of music that the world needs!

Flyer courtesy of FlatBox

Flyer by Conner Mikita

Along with the good times and killer sounds, the bands were accompanied by a liquid lightshow provided by Mad Alchemy. The lights oozing over the bands gave off a colorful and trippy setting for the bands to play to, adding the perfect touch of utter uniqueness to make everyone in the audience feel that they’ll never be to a show like it again!

For all those freaks who arrived early to the show (sorry, not freaks—I’m just jealous ‘cause I’m always late…), the sets were preluded by DJ The Finest Green spinning the best tracks in rock’n’roll to get you guys in the mood.

Badass babe Breanna Barbara kicked of the extravaganzas on stage. Her voice is soothing, yet intimidating with a pinch of madness. On this night she graced the audience with a new song that was simply amazing—this girl’s on the rise! The new jam was like a combo of catchy 1960’s pop and The Stooges all in one song. For real, keep you eyes on this one!

Photo by Devon Bristol Shaw

Next was Boone’s (NC) biggest celeb’s The Nude Party. I was so fortunate to have spent some time with these guys this past September, and seriously I have never met a funnier group of guys. They’re dynamic and chemistry on stage is that which all bands should strive for—and on this night they, of course, did not disappoint. Their sound is melodic and catchy, but still provide you with some dark and obscure undertones that get the wheels in your head turning.

Last, but definitely not least, The Mystery Lights came on. The crowd was already on cloud 9 from all the amazing music that was being performed that night, so when they started playing it was like the roof was literally raised. Crowd surfing ensued, beer was poured over heads, moshing was conquered, and dancing took over. All I have to say about these guys are that they’re true-blue rock’n’rollers and if you’re into music on any lever, you gotta see them.

The show was so fun, that the crowd didn’t clear out until hours after it had already ended—people were in too good of a mood! After shenanigans at Baby’s All Right ended, I continued onto the after party, but that’s a story I’ll keep to myself.

Overall, great night with a great one-of-a-kind lineup at a great venue—if you are so lucky to be graced with any of these bands at a venue near you, you have to go see them, or you’ll definitely be a square!