Jonny Couch EP Release Show at Berlin

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What can we say about Jonny Couch? He’s a fucking amazing musician and an all-round great guy! We chatted with him back in October and got a sneak-peak preview of his debut solo EP “Animal Instinct,” and we just couldn’t get enough!

Though we’ve been listening to these catchy punk rock tunes about love and hate for months now, the EP was only officially released last Thursday, Nov. 10, at Berlin bar in Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

The show opened with Brooklyn-based band Evil Daughter, a new band that has started to make quiet a wave in the NYC music scene. Comprised completely of badass ladies who know their shit in music, their sound is dark and head banging-inducing.

Out-of-towners Illegal Drugs played next, having driven all the way up from Atlanta, GA, to provide some hardcore tunes. Their sound conveys some heavy metal influences with some insanely catchy lyrics. They were really able to get the crowd moving.

Right before the headline act, Fletcher C. Johnson took the stage. His sound has some underlying folk inspiration, but the way it’s conveyed is made sure to be catchy, rock’n’roll, and even a pinch old school punk. Johnson’s vocals give a nostalgic yet comforting feel, while his wild guitar riffs add chaos and the backing band brings it all together.

Image courtesy of Elena Childers

The crowd was noticeably made up of all Jonny Couch fans, because while the Jonny Couch Rock’N’Roll Show band was setting up, the pull towards the front of the crowd got stronger—everyone seemed to be rearing up for a wild ride.

Jonny Couch seemed to be beaming with pride and energy. He delivered his set with the utmost passion and executed every note perfectly—not to mention his back band, who not only gave off the most cool-cat/badass vibe, but also played their instruments as if they were born with them already in hand.

Couch didn’t let the stage hold him back. Many times throughout each song he hopped down and embraced a listener, pulled them into the melody, got on hands and knees and stared them directly in the eyes. He is able to make individuals in the audience feel as if the lyrics are directly about them or their own lives.

Glasses broke, shots were taken, dancing happened, and friends were made at the Jonny Couch Rock’N’Roll Show, and if you weren’t there you missed out. It was the perfect escape from a shitty week for all of America.

The next day Couch was off to play in Savannah, GA with the kings of good times—The Nude Party. It was sure to be a wild night!

Jonny Couch is constantly working on new tunes, so keep your eyes peeled and your ears open to get a listen! Also, make sure to get your very own copy of “Animal Instinct” on Vinyl or digitally through Get Hip! You’ll be moving and grooving before you know it—with the state our country is in right now, you’ll fucking need it.