Nightshift Sounds
Nightshift Sounds is a column about what goes bump in the night. Bands come to NYC to play dive bars, venues, or backyards and we make sure to catch 'em! The freaks really do come out at night.
Regular Contributors Elena Childers
Editor in Chief Adam Bulger
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Genre stereotypes were thrown out the window for one great night of music.
A show in NYC's most touristy park, turned into a trip through the cosmos.
The weekly Sunday boogie night was extra lit this week with some of Brooklyn’s most beloved rockers.
Cellphones and minds we’re lost the first night and oh, what a magical time it was.
Dancing, partying and a little bit of acid on a beach really got everyone rocking at Rockaway Beach.
Je T’aime Oh No’s lineup got together some of the fiercest vocals currently in the NYC same.
It was a night filled with love, support, moshing and even a marriage proposal.
NYC-based psych band/ king partiers kidnapped me for a weekend of debauchery in Delaware.
The London rock ‘n’ roll show was a day of tension and release.