Nightshift Sounds
Nightshift Sounds is a column about what goes bump in the night. Bands come to NYC to play dive bars, venues, or backyards and we make sure to catch 'em! The freaks really do come out at night.
Regular Contributors Elena Childers
Editor in Chief Adam Bulger
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NYC-based psych band/ king partiers kidnapped me for a weekend of debauchery in Delaware.
The London rock ‘n’ roll show was a day of tension and release.
The last time these NYC-based rockers released an album was the last time there was a blue moon, so it was time.
The freakedelic, rock ‘n’ roll psych bands got the crowd at the brand new Williamsburg venue moving.
The Nashville quartet’s fun vibes and groovy beats took over the Lower East Side.
At midnight it was Earth Day & Brooklyn made sure to celebrate with some of its best bands.
The legendary NYC venue celebrated their 25th birthday with some serious shredding.
It was an extra chaotic SXSW this year—I really don’t know how I survived.
The wild psych-rockers were billed as a “secret headliner” until just the day before.
There’s nothing like moshing and crowd surfing in a tux or gown.
They brought chaos playing hits new and old, including chaotic thrashers off the newest album ‘Stuffed & Ready.’
The doo-wop cover group shared the bill with two garage rockers & Patti Smith’s Lenny Kaye DJing the end of the night.