You Don’t Need Dental Insurance to Rock Out to Dentist

Dentist will prescribe you to go swimming at night, fall in love and forget your woes.

The Asbury Park, NJ trio has pumped out pop-punk riffs and indie rock melodies since 2013 with no signs of slowing down. Frontwoman/bassist Emily Bornemann tells BTRtoday they just recorded a Christmas song. “It’s appropriate to do it in the summer,” she laughs. “I didn’t like Christmas songs when I was little because my mom just overplayed them, but I feel like the older I got the more I started enjoying them—maybe [because of] nostalgia.”

Dentist is now composing the follow-up to last year’s Night Swimming, a collection of pop-punk/indie thrasher anthems like “Oh” and “Remind Me.” Bornemann says she hopes to get more experimental on this new album. She’s dying to get her hands on a synth and introduce a post-punk feel to their music. “We haven’t gone that far down the line yet, but I would like to, ‘cause I love playing the keys,” she says.

While Dentist writes music collaboratively, Bornmann takes the lead on lyrics, drawing from favorite influences like Modest Mouse. “I just love his lyrics,” she says. “Usually, it’s just a stream of consciousness [and] a lot of times I don’t finish the words until we’re in the studio and whatever comes to mind at that time is what ends up being what it is—it seems to work.”

The band started as goofy fun but as the years went by, Bornmann and her bandmates started taking their music seriously. Constant touring helped put that pinch of professionalism into perspective.

“Just doing it over and over again… [when] you’re touring and you’re playing every single night,” Bornemann says about how the band evolved. “[That’s how we’re] like the butterfly we are today.”

She adds that in the beginning, Bornemann would suffer from severe panic attacks before almost every show. Touring and playing constantly also helped her to overcome that, though she says it will still happen from time to time.

Dentist “The Latter”

“It’s weird,” she says. “When I’m playing in front of people I know it’s more nerve-wracking than playing in front of complete strangers.”

Dentist opens for White Reaper on 6/19 and A Giant Dog on 7/29 both in Asbury Park. They haven’t announced a release date for their next LP, but tune in to this week’s Music Meetup to hear all of Night Swimming and the entire interview with frontwoman Bornemann.