Tokyo Police Club Drummer’s Touring Tips, Tricks & Stories

Longtime Canadian indie rockers Tokyo Police Club have matured with grace. They’re juggling life and family with recording new music and touring the world.

It’s a tricky balance to pull off. Tokyo Police Club drummer Greg Alsop says that the key is keeping things simple as possible. And to remember to pack enough clean underwear.

“Don’t try and do too much—when you’re on tour it’s important to remember, this is the thing you’re doing for daily life,” he says. “You burn out really quickly if you’re seeking out those wild nights or are trying to party constantly.”

And if the party’s don’t get you, the monotony of the road might. “You can see how mundane it can be as well,” Alsop says “Get in the van, drive to the next place, set it all up, wait for a few hours to do the show, maybe do some interviews, eat a meal, do the show pack it up, do the same thing again the next day.”

When BTRtoday spoke with Alsop, TPC had just finished up the U.S. portion of their North American tour and were starting on the Canadian leg. They’d been on the road for about a month and still had another one to go, but still had pep in their step and excitement for the road.

Tokyo Police Club, “Simple Dude”

“We’ve done a good job at trying to make a vacation out of everywhere we go,” he says. “That helps us remember that we’re friends, that this isn’t just a business, we’re a band [of] four guys who have known each other for a really long time and can have a lot of fun together.”

TPC has never stopped making music. In October, they released TPC. Staying true to their indie rock sound, the album has twelve emotional tracks about the ups and downs of personal relationships. The songs are garage at heart but passionate and cathartic. Alsop’s favorite track “One of These Days,” is definitely one of the more expressive ones, with a slow guitar intro that builds into catchy vocals about living life true to yourself.

“It speaks for how I kind of feel about the band as a whole,” he says. “Like, there’s something nostalgic about it, but looking forward for the future at the same time.”

TPC is finishing their tour before taking a three-month hiatus to recollect themselves and to give Alsop time to be a new father. While parenthood beckons, they plan to release new music sometime next year.

“We’re in a really good place right now as a band, as friends and as artists, so we just want to keep riding that wave,” Alsop says.

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