The Shivas Find Excitement in Dark Thoughts

Do you feel like you have a dark cloud hanging over you? The Shivas know that cloud and want to invite it to dance.

The Shivas’ music isn’t sad but it is honest about sadness. The result is raucous dance music perfect for vulnerable moments.

Since forming in 2006, The Shivas have recorded five full-length albums and three EPs. Frontman Jared Molyneux tells BTRtoday that The Shivas seek to channel their negative energy into music that’s fit for a party or for nights spent alone in a bedroom.

The Shivas, “If You See Me”

“We wanted to make something that can be emotionally complex and not just upbeat dance music all the time, but at the same time wouldn’t be a total bummer,” he says.

As songs like “You Make Me Wanna Die” (2014) show, The Shivas have long sought sweetness in sadness. Molyneux says writing the songs in the wake of the 2016 election might’ve lended a tad more melancholy to their sound than usual. Tracks like “Start A Fire” and “Can’t Relax” from the new album pair lyrics about losing hope and feeling vulnerable with catchy melodies and toe-tapping rhythms.

The band just wrapped up their West Coast tour in their hometown of Portland, Oregan and head to Europe for the second time this year in late November, hitting Switzerland, Italy, France and more.

Life on the road can be a grind, but The Shivas have always been up to the challenge. From the beginning, the band’s mantra has been “nothing to it but to do it.” However, in a rare move for the band, The Shivas dialed back their touring to record Dark Thoughts.

The Shivas, “Gloria”

“We did slow down on touring for a little while, [so] there was a lot more attention to detail,” he says. The Shivas have been on the road since March.

After a decade-plus as a band, Molyneux’s glad they started while they were too young to worry about whether what they were attempting was realistic.

“I think starting young gave us that advantage of like, ‘oh, we don’t know what the hell’s going on, so we might as well try it,” he says.

The Shivas plan on a full U.S. tour in January 2020 and are already working on another album. In the meantime, hear the entire interview with frontman Jared Molyneux and Dark Thoughts on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.