The Shacks Soothe The Beast Within

The moment you hear The Shack’s romantic vocals and seductive melodies, you’ll instantly fall in love

The New York based four piece was brought together by high school jazz band and love, The Shacks grew out of the blossoming relationship between vocalist and bassist Shannon Wise and guitarist Max Shrager. Now joined by drummer Ben Borchers and keyboardist Evan Heinze, The Shacks have developed a sound that’s both excitingly new and cozily familiar.

While standing outside some food joint in Austin, TX for SXSW, Borchers tells BTRtoday, “[We’re] just trying to sooth the beast that is man.”

The combination of psychedelic beats, soothing soulful melodies and Wise’s signature whispering vocals make The Shacks like nothing you’ve heard before. Their newest album Haze, released at the end of March, is something you’d hear playing in a floral oasis flowing with waterfalls of tears and tenderness—cheerful, soothing and melancholy all in one.

“I think all musical artists try to help the world in some way or help their own mental world in some way and everybody plays a different part,” Shrager says. “Ours is kind of a psychedelic rock ‘n’ roll nice part—but there are more aggressive parts that are equally as important.”

Each track conveys the utmost sincerity. “Let Your Love” begins ever so gently with the words, “let your love flow over me, like a waterfall” warming even the coldest heart. “Sleeping,” another tender melody, is about falling asleep in your lovers arms—instantly taking you to that comfy spot caringly mushed between a warm bed and loving body. And the title track, “Haze,” clouds your mind with a familiar vulnerability that’s reminiscent of the blindness only a fresh romance can create.

Even in The Shacks cover of The Kinks’ “This Strange Effect” for the iPhone 8 commercial the song is delivered breathy and heartfelt, giving the song a completely different and unique sound.

Wise explains that all their music is extremely personal, with lyrics inspired by real life experiences and emotions. “I guess I would just hope that maybe other people can relate to that and get the same feeling or share the feelings that we have,” she says.

Even speaking to Wise in normal conversation her voice still sounds like the familiar honey-drenched sigh of her singing voice. She makes sure to add into the conversation in the most pure and sincere way, “thank you guys for listening to our music, we love you.”

The Shacks say they have enough new material to already start on their next full album. In the meantime, listen to Haze on this week’s The Music Meetup and hear the rest of the uncut interview with the band in Austin, TX.