The Paranoyds Talk ‘Carnage Bargain,’ & Knowing Yourself

Time has passed since the Paranoyds released their debut Carnage Bargain last September but they still look back on it with parental pride.

“All [the tracks] are our babies,” keys player Laila Hashemi tells BTRtoday.

The Paranoyds, “Girlfriend Degree”

For Frontwoman/bassist Staz Lindes, the album was a monumental step for the band.

“I think that recording Carnage Bargain was kind of the final thing for us, the final step of like, ‘OK, this is real and we’ve come really far in the last four years,’” she says.

Guitarist and singer Lexi Funstons hints that there’s more mayhem to come. “Who would’ve thought us modern day working girls would have 10 babies with more on the way,” she says.

The L.A. band’s Carnage Bargain is packed with fuzz and fun. It’s the sound of grunge/punk misfits trying to survive. While their music stays true to the raw power of punk, their songs are driven by melodies catchy enough to keep any listener hooked.

Lindes came up with the idea for the title track one day while watching the news. “We’re out here trying to pick up litter and recycle and compost or do these little things,” she says. “And the people actually in charge are just trying to get bargains for mass murder, mass control or whatever.”

The Paranoyds, “Carnage Bargain”

“Carnage Bargain” is one of the catchiest tracks on the album. But that tunefulness hides dark lyrics, with lines like, “this grass isn’t green, it’s muddy with gasoline … how much more can I give/ sleepless nights, I’m feeling sick,” the shimmering guitar and upbeat keys playing along to the surprisingly calm vocals makes for one hell of a party punk anthem.

The Paranoyds are on tour with fellow West Coast garage thrashers Spendtime Palace and hit NYC Feb. 1.

To hear the entire interview with Hashemi, Lindes and Funston of The Paranoyds and listen to Carnage Bargain, tune in to this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.