The OBGMs Say There’s No Time Like the Present

The Ooohh Baby Gimme More’s, better known as The OBGMs, courageously go with the flow when it comes to these extraordinary times.

“It’s an interesting balance with what’s going on right now, it’s an exciting time,” frontman Densil McFarlane tells BTRtoday. “Right now is the time to do something—it can’t be later, it can’t be tomorrow, it can’t be the next day, it just can’t be put off anymore … and I do feel a responsibility as somebody with a microphone to do something.”

While in music school, McFarlane was hellbent on expanding beyond the hip hop production team he was operating in his hometown of Toronto. He also could only play the trumpet at the time and was yearning to learn an instrument more adored by pop culture—so he decided to pick up a guitar and start a punk band.

McFarlane and drummer Colanthony Humphrey created The OBGMS in the early 2000s and were influenced heavily by The Carps, a local Black rock duo. Though The Carps disbanded, they continue to inspire The OBGMs sound and feel.

“I saw somebody that looks like me on a stage and it really inspired me to get the push I needed to do something like this [The OBGMs],” he says. “Lyrically, I don’t know what we’re doing, man—we’re just talking about everything.”

The OBGMs, “Pill”

The trio pours out distortion like it’s water from a faucet and switches between guttural punk vocals to melodic pop-punk choruses. The combination of sweaty hardcore and flowery rock ‘n’ roll creates an entirely new universe of punk rock. Their self-titled 2017 album displays that perfect combination of anger and sensitivity with tracks like the fast and furious “Ijustwannaluvuallthetime” and the catchy upbeat track “Pill.”

The OBGMs have released several new singles mid-coronavirus and are planning to drop a new album in the near future that McFarlane describes as “the best album of all time.” Though he adds that he’s not sure if live performances will ever truly make a comeback after the pandemic. Because of that, McFarlane is adjusting his to-do list and concentrating on creating new material, both musically and through other artistic means, and using his platform to promote justice. The group uses their social platform as a way to cultivate discussions about issues within the music industry like sexism, racism, and economics.

“I’m a Black musician and I play rock music, so we’ve always been the protest group, we’ve always been the anti-culture group over here,” he says. “I really believe that we’re in a period of time that we as black artists/ musicians have an opportunity to project and stand out and say something positive.”

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