The Music Meetup Anti-Presidents' Day Playlist

Music Meetup, unfortunately, started the same year Trump took office. So I thought it would only be right to have an Anti-Presidents’ Day Playlist on Presidents’ Day to show how most, if not all, of the bands on The Music Meetup feel about Trump.

Every artist on this playlist has been featured on an episode of The Music Meetup. Enjoy this revolutionary music and register to vote ASAP!

(Listen to all the Music Meetup interviews here)

Surfbort “45”

12/3/18: Surfbort Was Born To Scream & Dance


Miss June “Please Waste My Time” & “Matriarchy”

7/22/19: Miss June Always Finishes First


Sabrina Is Not In This Chat “Relief”

2/25/19: Sabrina Is Not In This Chat for Thick Skin Only


Native Sun “Juarez”

4/1/19: Shotgunning Beers with Native Sun at SXSW


The Paranoyds “Carnage Bargain”

1/27/2020: The Paranoyds Talk ‘Carnage Bargain’ & Knowing Yourself


Skating Polly “Classless Act”

3/20/19: Childlike Fun with Skating Polly


Davila 666 “Ciudad”

11/11/19: AJ Davila of Davila 666 Talks Touring, Drugs & Rock ‘n’ Roll


Paint Fumes “Double Lies”

8/1/19: Paint Fumes Talk New Album & “Heavy Night”


Dim Wit “Wee Thee People”

12/9/19: Dim Wit Fights Insecurity with Music & Costumes


Erin Anne “Tough Love”

1/1/2020: Erin Anne Found Herself Through Tough Love


Sløtface “Passport”

2/3/2020: Sløtface Shines Through the Dark Norweigan Winter


Deep State “Captain”

3/11/19: Deep State Talks Music & YouTube Rabbit Holes


A Deer A Horse “Otherside”

7/1/19; Serious Thrashers A Deer A Horse Get Silly


Yonatan Gat “Medicine”

1/20/20: Yonatan Gat Starts Over with Traditional Native American Music


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