The Memories Chat New Music, Birthdays, and Disneyland

The Memories are considered a veteran indie supergroup. But that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have some childlike fun.

Multi-instrumentalist Chris “Unkle Funkle” Uehlein joined me in BTRtoday’s Manhattan studio, while frontman Rikky “Free Weed” Gage called in from Disneyland. Gage was there with fellow Memories member Izak Arida (misc./vocals) to celebrate his own and Arida’s birthday.

The band has a fluctuating number of members, ranging anywhere from a solo live set to a six-piece orchestra. But no matter how many people are playing, they always have fun. The Memories’ musical army features many different artists like Colleen Green, Pinky, and Lucas Gorham aka Heaven the Dude. In fact, almost every member has their own solo project going on that sounds completely different than The Memories. Gage describes his solo project Free Weed as having a Beck-vibe with ‘90s hip hop beats and samples combined with an acoustic guitar. Uehlein has Unkle Funkle, which is more experimental-disco with a dance-y vibe. And Arida does “straight-up rap.”

Uehlein says The Memories are constantly compared to the artist mixture of Wu-Tang. “It’s kinda interesting how the part of our camp has this appeal to a wide variety of people because we have so many different types of acts,” he tells BTRtoday. “It’s definitely this type of thing where we’re kind of like a boyband [and] everyone can have their own favorite.”

The Memories, “Royal United Song Service Sampler”

The Memories are also asked why they don’t just combine everyone’s individual projects to create one supergroup, but Gage thinks they’re all just too different. He compares The Memories to another project he and Uehlein are in, called White Fang. Many people tell him they don’t “fuck with” The Memories but the love White Fang and vice versa.

“It’s constantly like that all the time—I think right now, currently, in 2020, most people are pretty confused about bands and their relation to them, but I think that’s kind of a good thing because it adds a mystery to it,” he says. “We’re not corporate. We’re professional, but we’re weirdos and we’re from a weird world, so it’s just gonna be confusing no matter what.”

The Memories will release their newest masterpiece, the LP Pickles & Pies, on Gnar Tapes/Axis Mundi May 29. Both Uehlein and Gage agree that the album is uplifting feel-good music. The album is supposed to encourage you to “appreciate the finer things” and “be grateful to be around still.”

“There’s a whole universe going on, we’re not a big deal,” Gage says. “Take it easy, don’t take it too seriously, but also, appreciate the beauty of the world without taking it too seriously.”

Listen to a hodgepodge of The Memories’ tracks along with the full interview with Unkle Funkle and Rikky Gage and the single “Second Try” from their upcoming album Pickles & Pies out May 29 on this week’s episode of The Music Meetup.